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Piotr Marecki: Scene poetry

The aim of the presentation is to introduce the phenomenon of scene poetry, which stems from demoscene activities. The demoscene was and remains a phenomenon almost exclusively European, it developed among the first generation of teens, “illegal boys,” geeks growing up using PCs (in the 80. and 90.) This exceptional type of creative activity was based on collaborative work in the field of digital media and computational art. The most important genre of the scene were demos – programs the only purpose of which was to impress the audience by demonstrating the possibilities of the computer.

The demos are often created in real time during demoparties, their effects are generated by a processor processing input data according to the created algorithm. The audience of demos constitutes of other participants of the parties; they are persons deeply involved in the scene, who can appreciate the beauty of the algorithm. Many demos are treated as a kind of video clip, hence the demoscene was usually contextualized as a phenomenon from the field of digital media and audiovisual art. There exist several demos of which an integral part is constituted by text and poetry. Among the sceners this type of work is called scene poetry. The creators of the demoscene are persons aware of computer platforms, their material limits and possibilities. During the presentation the phenomenon of scene poetry will be presented on the example of a dozen demos, the catalog of which is the result of Piotr Marecki’s research, exploration of the scene environment and meetings and interviews with demosceners.

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