Tara Fuki

Thursday, November 16 / V Klub / Nám. SNP 12
9pm / Concert / Tara Fuki (CZ/PL)

The duo Tara Fuki consists of:
Andrea Konstankiewiczová – cello, vocals, hang
Dorota Barová – cello, vocals

Both cellist have been playing music since they were children (conservatory, musicology studies, various musical projects), but it wasn't until their meeting in Brno in 2000 that the duo could come into existence... The music of Tara Fuki is quite unique (it is rooted in improvisations which are gradually becoming more and more intricate), delicately dynamic and incredibly rich expression-wise. Enriched by impressions of different musical styles and a taste of faraway places, their music creates a unique kaleidoscope of the feminine soul.

Tara Fuki: photo: Jan Tichý
Tara Fuki: photo: Jan Tichý

With their concerts, Tara Fuki have had success all around Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, the states of the former Yugoslavia, Romania, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, etc.) and central America. Between 2005 and 2007, Tara Fuki represented Czech Republic in France with a children's performance called "Drop". Their music won them several awards from the Czech Music Academy – in 2001, they won in the category of "Alternative and world music" and "Newcomer of the year", while in 2007, they won in the category of "World music". In 2007 they became the first Czech band to perform at the International World Music Expo WOMEX in the Spanish Sevilla. In 2016 they performed at the Cairo Jazz Festival in Egypt.

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