The House That Jack Built / Ars Poetica Film 2018

Thursday, November 21 / 7:45pm
Lumière Film Theatre, auditorium No. 4, Špitálska 4, 81108 Bratislava

A new film by the controversial genius Lars von Trier offers a descent into the dark mind of a serial killer that gradually refines his murders to create a flawless work of art.

This somber, intelligent and grotesquely humorous story is situated in 1970s America and it echoes Eugène Delacroix's painting "The Barque Of Dante" (1822), which is loosely based on fictional events taken from canto eight of Dante's Inferno. A pre-premiere screening at Ars Poetica.

The House That Jack Built, dir. Lars von Trier, Denmark/France/Germany/Sweden, 2015, color, 155′, live action
The House That Jack Built, dir. Lars von Trier
(Denmark/France/Germany/Sweden, 2015, color, 155′, live action)


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