Kieslowski (CZ) / Ars Poetica 2018

Thursday, November 15 / V Club / Nám. SNP 12
9pm / Concert

KieslowskiI is a collaboration between the musician known as DKP and the pianist Marie Kieslowski. This unique duo is built on the intimacy and rawness of the basic, acoustic sound of a guitar, piano and two beautiful voices with distinctive timbres in perfect harmony.

The band quickly gained a standing in the Czech music scene through their fragile music. They released several albums via Indies Scope, including Mezi lopatky (2014), Na nože (2012) and Tiché lásky (2011). Kieslowski have managed to branch out abroad, their music resonating with festival audiences in Austria (Waves 2013), Sweden (Urkult 2016) or Poland (Frazy 2016). The most recent album Mezi lopatky was co-produced by Jan P. Muchow, received fantastic reviews and won them a nomination for the 2014 Apollo Prize.


Kieslowski 2014 (Photo Vítek Bedrna)
Kieslowski 2014 (Photo Vítek Bedrna)


Doteky (Toches)

From the Album: Medzi Lopatky (2014, Indies Scope)

Camera: Prokop Souček
Editing: Tomáš Elšík
Production: Agata F. Mayer
Directed by: David Mencl


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