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Lajka / Ars Poetica Film 2018

Monday, November 19 / 5:45pm
Lumière Film Theatre, auditorium No. 4, Špitálska 4, 81108 Bratislava

Life is not easy for Laika, a dog on the outskirts of a big Russian city. She is caught and forcibly retrained to become a pioneer in astronautics. Soon after her lift-off into space, a number of animals follow that are hurriedly launched from Houston and Baikonur.

The animals wander around in space until they manage to colonize a faraway planet. However, after a long period of harmonious, undisturbed co-existence with indigenous life forms, the first human cosmonaut runs ashore on their planet... A poetic animated trip into space.


Lajka dir. Aurel Klimt, Czech Republic, 2017, color, 87′, puppet/animated
Lajka, dir. Aurel Klimt
(Czech Republic, 2017, color, 87′, puppet/animated)



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