There Is No Other Way / Ars Poetica Film 2018

Thursday, November 21 / 5:45pm
Lumière Film Theatre, auditorium No. 4, Špitálska 4, 81108 Bratislava

An older film about the Slovak nationalist Ľudovít Štúr and his comrades, the elite of Slovak intelligentsia, literature and poetry. This story of the problematic relationship between Štúr and Adela Ostrolúcka at the time of political tensions monumentally captures the revolutionary events that took place in 1848 in the Old Hungary.

At that time, Štúr decided to take leadership of the fight for the national rights of the Slovak people as a member of the parliament. Starring Štefan Kvietik, Emília Vášáryová, Ladislav Chudík, Ivan Rajniak, František Dibarbora, and the whole gamut of wonderful Slovak actors.

There Is No Other Way. dir. Jozef Zachar, Czechoslovakia, 1968, b&w., 104′, live action
There Is No Other Way. dir. Jozef Zachar
(Czechoslovakia, 1968, b&w., 104′, live action)


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