Poetry Rooted In The Body / Ars Poetica 2018

V-Klub, Nám. SNP 12
Friday, November 16 / 13pm – 16pm
Poetry Rooted In The Body / Dance workshop by Roberta Štěpánková

The workshop is designated for poets of language, movement and imagery, but also for the spectators that live by poetry.
Bring a notepad, warm and comfortable warm clothes, and shoes.

This workshop will focus on sensitizing the body so that it remembers the state when speaking is dreaming. By supporting the body and its physiological principles, we will create time and space to create words. Movement is a basis for the sharing of information that morphed into language. Language widens the body and cannot exist without the body. Once we pay attention to smoothness, volatility and presence of our bodies, we will discover new springs of poetry. The concrete will become home to the abstract and vice versa.

Roberta Štěpánková
Roberta Štěpánková


Eleni Cay & Roberta Štěpánková
Project cooperation after the meeting at Ars Poetica Festival in 2017 :)

The workshop will be led by Roberta Štěpánková, an artist and psychotherapist. She specializes in working with the body and its kinetic material, which can enrich the creative process and encourage the deepening of self-knowledge. Her work is founded on instant composition – the process of creation in the very moment of inception. She studied, lived and worked in Spain and the Netherlands, while currently she resides in Brno. She produces dance, poetry and she is behind the stage design of her own solo performances. She initiated several international art collaborations and she partakes in direction and dramaturgy of stage performances connecting dance, poetry, music and visual arts. She teaches dancing, emphasizing the connection between anatomy and expression; between the body's physiology and its poetry.


Workshop / The Body And Its Words / Ars Poetica 2017

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