Cold War / Ars Poetica Film 2018

Friday, November 23 / 5:45pm
Lumière Film Theatre, auditorium No. 4, Špitálska 4, 81108 Bratislava

Set against the backdrop of the rise of both Stalin's Poland and modern Europe, the film tells a story of great, fated love between the singer Zula and the composer Wiktor. They cannot be together, and yet they are incredibly attracted to each other and can't bear to be apart. Jazz and folklore music echoes all around Warsaw, Berlin and Paris, while Zula and Wiktor start playing a magnificent, yet bitter balad – their own cold war.

This picture oozing with electrifying music and poetic visual beauty earned Pawel Pawlikowski the Best Director Prize at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Cold War, dir. Pawel Pawlikowski, Poland/France/Great Britain, 2018, b&w, 84′, live action
Cold War, dir. Pawel Pawlikowski
(Poland/France/Great Britain, 2018, b&w, 84′, live action)




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