Anni Sumari

Anni Sumari

Anni Sumari was born in Helsinki, studied literature and media/communication studies at the University of Helsinki. She worked as a PR worker and consultant for seven years and later she taught creative writing. She authored dozens of books of poetry and prose, including the collections Sinerian (2000) and Measure and Quantity (1998), for which she won the Finnish National Broadcasting Company's Dancing Bear Prize for best poetry book of the year.

She works as a freelance writer and she translates Beckett, Robert Antoni or Bernardine Evaristo. She is an editor of several anthologies and together with the Danish poet Nikolaj Stochholm, she assembled an anthology of contemporary Nordic poetry.

The author also participated at the 2003 Ars Poetica International Poetry Festival.


The following Finnish poets/poetesses were also introduced
to the Slovak audience at the Ars Poetica Festival:

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Anni Sumari (2003)


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