Jana Pácalová

Jana Pácalová

Jana Pácalová is a poet and literature scientist. She studied at the University of Trnava and later received a doctorate in history and theory of Slovak literature from the Institute of Slovak Literature of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Her research is currently primarily dedicated to fairy tales as well as 19th century Slovak literature, particularly in relation to publishing, analysis and literary and historical contextualization of the works of Slovak romantics, which have so far been marginalized in the field of literary history (i.e. the prose of Samo Chalupka).

In the monograph titled Metamorphoses of the Fairy Tale (Metamorfózy rozprávky, 2008), she offered an analysis of the fairy-tale editions of Slovak romantics and their romantic paradigm, and she has recently made accessible and commented on two unique hand-written collections from the first half of the 19th century in two works titled The Tisovec Codices (original edition: The Tisovec Codices. Towards the Roots of Slovak Fairy Tales; Codexy tisovské. K prameňom slovenských rozprávok; 2015) and Codex diversorum auctorum A (from the monograph The Tales of Janko Rimavský; Rozprávky Janka Rimavského; 2015). The author also engages in somehow humbler publishing activities as a poet – so far, she has only written two poetry collections, which have been published many years apart – Emotional Education (Citová výchova, 2003) and All About My Mother (Všetko o mojej matke, 2012).

Jana Pácalová is the Ars Poetica nominee for the Versopolis project.

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