Karol Chmel

Karol Chmel

He wrote six collections of poetry. Since the 90s, he has been translating poetry, essays and prose from Polish, Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian literature. Apart from key personalities of the aforementioned literatures (Konwicki, Gombrowicz, Miłosz, Kiš, Pekić, Tišma, Pavić, Kovač, Kocbek, Zajc, Šalamun and others), ...

... he is an adamant advocate of contemporary writing and he aims to highlight its prominent authors (Świetlicki, Podsiadło, Foks, Machej, Dehnel, Albahari, Basara, Despotov, Debeljak, Zupan, Drndić, etc.). As a poet, he was a guest at Ars Poetica International Poetry Festival several times.

For his translations, he received:

the Zbigniew Dominiak Prize (Lodž 2003) for his work in translating Polish poetry,
the ZAiKS Prize for translations of Polish poetry into Slovak (2011),
the Serbian P.E.N. Award for translations into Serbian literature (2008),
the Tonet Pretnar Prize for ambassadors of the Slovenian language and literature (2015).

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