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MichaŽl Vandebril

MichaŽl Vandebril

is a young Flemish poet. In 2012, his poetry debut Het vertrek van Maeterlinck, a collection which appeared immediately in the two most important national languages (Dutch and French) was published by the renowned publishing house De Bezige Bij. In some poems in this volume he collaborated with other poets including the French Jacques Roubaud and the Romanian Doina Ioanid.

Vandebril asked a number of video artists (including Swoon) to make 'video poems' of his poems. Het vertrek van Maeterlinck was nominated for the C. Buddinghí Prize for the best debut in Dutch poetry and was awarded the Herman de Coninck Debut Prize. Vandebril performs his poems often and with pleasure. He appeared inter alia at Crossing Border (The Hague), PoŽzienacht (Bruges), Dichters in de Prinsentuin (Utrecht) and Festival International de poťsie (Namur). His poems have been translated into French, Spanish, English, Serbian, Romanian, Finnish and Turkish.

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