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Michal Habaj

Michal Habaj

Michal Habaj is a poet and a literary scientist. He was born in 1974 in Bratislava. He studied Slovak Language and Literature, and completed his doctoral studies at the Institute of Slovak Literature, Slovak Academy of Science, where he currently works.

He is the author of the monography Druhá moderna (The Second Modernism, Ars Poetica, 2005) and Model človeka a sveta v básnickom diele Jána Smreka (The Concept of The Human and The World in The Poetry of Ján Smrek, Veda 2013). His books of poetry include: 80-967760-4-5 (Drewo a srd, 1997), Gymnazistky. Prázdniny trinásťročnej (The High School Girls. The Holidays of a Thirteen Year-old Girl, Drewo a srd, 1999), Korene neba. Básne z posledného storočia (The Roots of Heaven. Poems of the Last Century, Drewo a srd, 2000), Básne pre mŕtve dievčatá (Poems for Dead Girls, Drewo a srd, 2004) and Michal Habaj (Ars Poetica, 2012). Assuming the gynonym Anna Snegina he published the book of poems Pas de deux (Drewo a srd, 2003) and Básne z pozostalosti (Poems of the Posterity, Ars Poetica, 2009). He is one of the co-authors of the experimental poetry project Generator X: Hmlovina (Generator X: Nebula, Drewo a srd, 1999) and Generator X_2: Nové kódexy (Generator X_2: New Codices, Drewo a srd, 2013). He is also one of the co-authors of the international project The European Constitution in Verse (Brussels, 2009). His poetry has been included in multiple anthologies and collections.

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