Mila Haugová

Mila Haugová

is one of the most translated and most prolific Slovak poets. She was born in Budapest and spent her childhood in Nitra, Topoľčianky, and Zajačia Dolina, close to the city of Levice. She graduated at the Faculty of Agronomy at the College of Agriculture (today’s Slovak University of Agriculture) in Nitra. She worked as agronomist and later as secondary-school teacher. Between 1986 – 1996, Haugová was an editor of the Romboid literary magazine. She lives and writes in Dúbravka (a borough of Bratislava) and in Zajačia Dolina.

Mila Haugová in the Summer reading room
at the Red Crayfish in Bratislava, 2012

Her literary debut is her collection of poems named Hrdzavá hlina (1980), published under the pseudonym Mila Srnková. Since then, she has published a vast amount of other collections of poetry: Premenlivý povrch (1983), Možná neha (1984), Čisté dni (1990), Praláska (1991), Nostalgia (1993), Dáma s jednorožcom (1995), Alfa Centauri (1996), Krídlatá žena (1999), Genotext (2001), Atlas piesku (2001), Zavretá záhrada (reči) (2001), Orfea: alebo zimný priesmyk (2003), Archívy tela (2005), Target(s) Terč(e) (2005), Rastlina so snom: Vertikála (2006), Biele rukopisy (2007), Miznutie anjelov (2008), Pomalá lukostrelkyňa (2010), Plant Room (2011), Cetonia aurata (2013), canti...amore (2015).

She also published her memoirs Zrkadlo dovnútra (2010), a collection of prose Tvrdá drevo detstva (2014), and a multi-layered narrative of the creative process of writing Písať ako dýchať (2014). Her original work is complemented by a series of translations from German, English and Hungarian (E. Lasker-Schüler, S. Plath, F. Mayröcker, I. Bachmann, M. Tikkanen, S. Kirsch, G. Trakl, P. Celan, J. Pilinszky etc.). Mila Haugová’s poems have been translated into German, English, French, Russian, Polish, Italian and Armenian.

Schlaflied wilder Tiere / Lullaby of Wild Animals

The Slovak poetess Mila Haugová, accompanied by the German poetess Sylvia Geist
is sharing her sensations.

"Things happen on the brink. I trust they will come back to me." – Mila Haugová
(The video is in German.)

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Mila Haugová: Záhyby: svetlo Vianoc

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Ars Poetica poetry book launch Mila Haugová: Doe Looking At The Polaris April 18, 2017, SNG Café Berlinka, Bratislava
Ars Poetica poetry book launch
Mila Haugová: Doe Looking At The Polaris
April 18, 2017, SNG Café Berlinka, Bratislava

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Mila Haugová

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