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Zhao Si / 赵四

Zhao Si / 赵四

poet, essayist, translator, poetics scholar, editor, original name, Zhao Zhifang is the author of 3 books: White Crow (poems, 2005), Gold-in-sand Picker (Prose Poems, 2005), Disappearing, Recalling: 2009-2014 New Poems (2015), which won the "2014 Major Support Project" by Chinese Writers Association.

Some of her poems has translated into English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Armenian and Macedonian and published on literature magazines in different countries. As a translator, she has translated 2 comprehensive poetry anthologies of Slovenian poet Tomaž Šalamun: Light-blue-pillow Tower (2014), The Enormous Boiling Mouths of the Sun (2015), 1 poetry book of Polish poet Dariusz Tomasz Lebioda: Shade of Eternity (2015, forthcoming), 1 book-long poem of Vladimir Holan: A Night with Hamlet (2016, forthcoming), and selected poems and essays, theses by Hart Crane (US), Harold Broom (US), Ted Hughes (UK), Tim Lilburn (Canada), Robert Hass (US), Jon Cook (UK), Mikhail N. Epstein (Russia-US), etc. As a poetry theory scholar, she has published more than 30 theses and reviews, including some published on the best Foreign Literature Study Journals in China, such as: Contemporary Foreign Literature, Foreign Literature Bi-Monthly, Foreign Literatures Quarterly, Theoretical Studies In Literature and Art. She also writes Wallace Stevens' section for college textbooks: An Introduction to Masterpiece of World Literature (2012), Western Modernist Literature (2015). She is currently the translation poetry editor in Poetry Periodical, which is the primary poetry journal of the Chinese Writers Association and the editorial director of the prestigious poetry translation series Contemporary International Poetry.

She is now also on the editorial board of French multi-linguistic web arts magazine Levure Litteraire. She has been invited to participate the 2nd Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival (China, 2009), the 35th November International Poetry Festival (Poznan, Poland, 2012), the 28th Vilenica International Literature Festival (Slovenia, 2013), the 53rd Struga International Poetry Evenings (Macedonia, 2014), and will participate 33rd Trois-Rivieres International Poetry Festival(2017 season, Quebec, Canada) . She was awarded Marii Konopnickiej Prize for translating and publishing Polish poetry in 2012, The 1st International Chinese Language Poetry Prize (Excellence Award) in 2013. She lives in Beijing.

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