Lovestory: Agent and Patient

Lovestory: Agent and Patient

Martin Solotruk

The fourth poetry collection of Martin Solotruk is an interesting step towards a modern expression in contemporary Slovak poetry. The author is aware of the tradition and develops a number of the most inspiring impulses of poetics of the post-war period, especially the Concretist and the Lonely Runners.

After his previous explorations resulting in a "theory" of world, Solotruk studies a range of personal, though seemingly profane, living together with encyclopaedic knowledge of the world and ritualization of the everyday life experience in an effort to merge them into mythological patterns.

Copyright © Martin Solotruk 2007
First published as Slovak Edition © ARS POETICA, o. z., Bratislava 2007
Catalogue number AP22AM09/2007
ISBN 978-80-89283-09-5
EAN 9788089283095

The English Translation:
Poetry Reaching Out
New Slovak Poetry in Translation
Copyright © Martin Solotruk 2012
English Edition © Ars Poetica, o. z. 2012
Translation into English © Zuzana Starovecká, 2012
Language Editor © John Minahane 2012

Lovestory: Agent and Patient - poetry sample (in Slovak language)

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