Plankton of Gravity

Martin Solotruk

Already the title of Solotruk's third poetry collection suggests that the poetic subject of his research is this time an interplay of objectivity and force fields. From the details of what was personally experienced, the author embarks on a discovery ocean cruise of a semiosis world.

Although this cycle of ten poetry parts is an effort of merging a gravity of correlation of seemingly distant contexts into a polyphonic effect, at the same time the author similarly deals with individual creative attention of every single detail. He doesn't preach but observes, depersonalised "merges with the environment", leaving it to become evident with its inherent lifting capacity. In his world, the transfer of frequency is as natural as a cup of coffee on the table.

Catalogue number AP13AM03/2007
ISBN 80-89283-03-9
EAN 9788089283033

Plankton of Gravity - poetry sample (in Slovak language)

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