On the Brink of a Shell. On Poetry of Ivan Štrpka

Rácová’s paper on Štrpka’s poetry belongs to the best papers in literary science dealing with the poet’s production. The author aptly presents the possibilities that open up in the poet’s literary works. Within the framework of the subject matter, Rácová allows us to immerse in the process of discovery, helps us familiarise with the results of the study and at the same time, leaves space for the author’s openness.

– prof. PhDr. Ján Zambor, CSc.

I consider the monography of V. Rácová an original and, as far as the methodology is concerned, well-done and certainly enriching interpretative paper of special importance – that is, the most thorough and best comprehensive literary interpretation as of today. It seems to be a significant contribution to the historiographical and theoretical reflection on literature. The paper is also of special importance for systematic and thorough poetological and axiological assessment of the poetry of one of the most important individuals present on the scene of Slovak poetry within the last five decades, who is considered a leading personality or, so to say, the “protagonist” of one of the key groups of poets in Slovak poetry of the period (especially the sixties).

– doc. PhDr. Zoltán Rédey, PhD.

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A short introduction of the monographat also at the Versopolis webpages

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V. Rácová: On the Brink of a Shell. On the Poetry of I. Štrpka - reading sample

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