Lightbeam Of An Opening Door - Ars Poetica Versopolis Booklets

We are happy to introduce you our Ars Poetica Versopolis edition.

Inspiration for creating the design of those booklets was for the artist and graphic designer Lívia Kožušková the "lightbeam of an opening door."

All booklets are be available for you to download "online" for free.

Ars Poetica Versopolis 2015

barnas_obalka.jpg berglund_obalka.jpg hrastelj_obalka.jpg man_obalka.jpg vandebril_obalka.jpg

Ars Poetica Versopolis 2016

hocevar.jpg horovitz.jpg rees.jpg stankus.jpg vanhauwaert1.jpg

Find more information about the Versopolis project here.

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