Lívia Kožušková

Lívia Kožušková

Lívia graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, the Department of Printmaking and Other Media. She works as a graphic designer, lecturer and a manager of events with the aim to develop human creativity in different fields of the everyday life. As a lecturer, she works for the creative studio Amulet Atelier.

Lívia graduated from the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, The Faculty of Architecture with a PhD title. She is a passionate traveller with the goal of continuing with her education in the field of graphic design and art therapy. She is focusing on the work with children and youth. She took part in several study programs in the UK, Netherlands, Poland, Prague etc. Her artworks were exhibited in several places around the world such as California, Mexico, San Francisco, Germany, Poland, and Belarus. Livia is also a lecturer of various art clubs in the private English kindergarten Blueberry Hill. At least but not last, she started to work on the layouts of posters and books for Ars Poetica. She lives in Bratislava.

Download the Ars Poetica 2015 festival colour-in page designed
by Lívia Kožušková!

obalka_racova_skrupina_front.jpg mila-haugova-srna-pozerajuca-na-polarku.jpg valero_obalka.jpg obalka-sylvia-geist.jpg

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M. Straková: Postcards From Invisible Places

M. Solotruk: Metaphysical Household I

D. Ivanovová: Som ako morská voda

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Sylvia Geist: Morning Blue Animal And Other Poems

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