Ars Poetica 2005

Four poetic evenings taking place on November 2–5 during the Ars Poetica festival will present authorial performances by over 30 established poets and young talents from 14 countries around the world. Translations of their works will be performed by two renown actors, Lucia Hurajová and Ľuboš Kostelný. The authenticity of the live performances traditionally infuses the festival’s poetry evenings with spontaneous atmosphere and a direct contact between the authors an the audience. In addition to poetry, each of the festival days offers special concerts. We will witness performances by Slovak musicians in the likes of Ľubo Burgr, Zuzana Mojžišová, Petra Fornayová, Požoň sentimentál, but also guests from abroad, such as Blaq Mummy and Ridine Ahmed.

The Ars Poetica civic association, the festival's organizer, is equally committed to representing Slovak literature abroad. A breakthrough success in these efforts is the historically first issue of the British magazine thematically devoted to Slovak poetry. The presentation of the magazine Poetry Wales and the launch of its Slovak counterpart, which introduces British audiences to the works of 8 contemporary Slovak poets, will take place on the opening night of the festival on November 2. It will be followed by a performance of four British poets at A4: Brian McCabe, Rebecca O´Connor, Matthew Hollis and Robert Minhinnick.

Just as in the past two years, the Ars Poetica festival once again hopes to introduce the widest possible spectrum of Slovak authors. Apart from important personalities of Slovak poetry in the likes of Ján Buzássy and Peter Repka or the Hungarian-writing István Bettes, the festival will also welcome Jana Pácalová, winner of the Ivan Krasko Prize, and other young authors such as Penelope Toomey and Róbert Gál. The festival program also includes a presentation of the collected works by a member of the legendary group of poets Lonely Runners, Peter Repka.

In addition to poetry and concerts, the festival offers a rich off program. It mainly revolves around the film section of Ars Poetica, which will present 20 feature-length films, several of which will premiere at our festival, between November 6 and 12 at the A4 Space for Contemporary Culture. The program also includes dance performances and an informative workshop for novice authors. Throughout the duration of the festival, there will be a book stall set up at A4.

This year's festival will be once again accompanied by the publication of an anthology representing probably the most extensive selection of contemporary European poetry in Slovak translation. It was translated by several well-known personalities of Slovak literary translation, such as Miroslava Vallová, Zuzana Szatmáry, Máša Kusá, Marián Andričík, Katarína Laučíková, Peter Macsovszky, Martin Solotruk, Karol Chmel and others.

The Festival is held under the auspices of Branislav Hochel,
the first Deputy Mayor of the city of Bratislava.