Ars Poetica 2005



The Garden of Earthly Delights (Poland - 2003)

Last year of a young woman's life who decides to spend it in Venice and find out what will be left after her. Claudine works as a kunsthistorian. She is interested in Hieronym Bosh's paintings. Chris is a five years older chief of a ship. They both long for revealing of complicated and enigmatic language of symbols and spectacles of the best known painting by Bosh which they begin to transform to reality. Post-modern, deep, but non affected meditation about the sence of life, fear of death, pain and love.


In Love You Love (ČSSR - 1980)

There is an authentic and poetic symbolism of every day life in a story of love and friendship among "the ordinary people" of middle age generation. The narration is instincted with the author's writing and perfect depiction of characters living their own matted lives. The film received The Silver Bear Prize in the IFF Berlin in 1989 and The FIPRESCI Film Critique's Prize.


Children of the Century (France - 1999)

The film about passionate and destructive love of a writer George Sand and a poet Alfred de Muset. Meeting of these two fellows invoked closely watched event in the era of that days, whose protagonists continued in their timeless activity.


The Source (USA - 1999)

Perhaps it is the best film - a document - about the Beat generation. It is the produce of formic work of the authors who tagged together collected material into a form of genuine confession about poets, the age they lived in, about their ways out and philosophy. They influenced the whole generations not only in The USA by their lives and activity.


Prague Through Yyes (ČR - 1999)

Amorous Prague, hectic Prague, Prague of these days, poetic Prague ... Four stories about Prague by eyes of directors of various nationalities from different point of view. What is life of those who are in love, who lack for love and loved like? You will learn in film stories called Risk, Absolute Love, Pictures from the Trip and Cards are Dealt.


Donau, Dunaj, Duna, Duna Dunarea (Austria - 2003)

We all consist out of 90% water. How much of it are tears? And how much is Danube which flows around us every day? Modern Odyssey about a group of different characters, which sails on one ship.


Pinéro (USA - 2003)

True story of a Portorican Miguel Pinero - a poet, playwright and actor against a background of New York of the 70's. Art, love, hot Portorican blood and drugs Miguel Pinero was an actor, writer, poet and performer of the city. He died when he was 42 but not even his death didn't obviate to gain heart of people not only at home but also all around the world.


There by (ČSFR - 1979)

The film directed by Karel Kovář, unjustly left aside, reminds of Georgian Comedies. It deals with the dreams and falls of a village boy Amadeus Macků who tries to fulfil his - and not only his own - dream. He tries to fly by the help of his hand-made wings and other primitive tools. The film is a kind of facing up to a present day strongly intellectual way of life.


She Sat in a Glass House throwing stones (Austria - 1992)

The tunnel to Kafka's world can be still be found in today's Prague. The story of Jana Černá, who was a daughter of Kafka's love Milena Jesenská, from the point of her friend's view. We find ourselves among poets, eccentrics and philosophers, on the roofs of the town, under the Vltava bridges and in cafés where she tippled, wrote and loved. The story evokes an atmosphere of life of Jana Černá by its surrealistic humour. It describes her disability to conform the rules and thinking up just for show. Egon Bondy, writer and philosopher played one of the main roles in the film.


Poetry in Motion (USA - 1982)

Another jewel about the American poets. The real poetry in motion. More than twenty American poets in action. John Cage, William Burroughs, Ed Sanders, Charles Bukowski, Allen Ginsberg tell story of their lives and writings, what is in fact in their case the same thing. Movie premiere in Slovakia!


Landscape with the Furniture (ČSFR - 1986)

A story about mazy ways of the young conservational man is told by the director of the film. In one of his best films he observes uneasy strengths of personal self fulfilment and responsibility. Markéta Fišerová, a wife of Marek Eben, is to be occured in the role of coquet waitress. Evald Schorm plays the role of the noble-minded professor. The paintings and music by Emil Viklický play an individual role in the film.


On the Train of Wampyrism (ČR - 2002)

A mysterious travel film into the landscape within life and death told by the writer and artist Josef Váchal. His book called The Theory of Wampyrism (Teória wampyrismu) is a sort of map of the film which takes us to the internals of Slovakia so that we can convince ourselves of the existence of vampires in the way as French exaget Calmet did 200 years ago.


At 25 O´clock (Czech Republic - 2005)

In 2005 it will be 100 years since the birth and 25 years since the death of a poet Vladimír Holan. The film is a document about life of this remarkable icon of the Czech literature.


Conspirators of Pleasure (Czech Republic - 1996)

Typical visually rich grotesque by Jan Švankmajer about six outwardly average individuals and their elaborate fetishes. The film differs from the author's former production by its elaboration. However the attributes of his clean-cut style are still visible. Švankmajer lays stress on the performance but almost without words. Conspirators of Pleasure consists of episodes of the individual characters which are connected by montage. A very hard and tedious preparation for the bizarre act goes before the pleasure itself ...


At the Edge (Australia - 1978)

Document about the most remarkable Australian poet Judith Wright.


A Walk with Words (Australia - 2000)

Document about Romaine Moreton - an Australian poet of native origin in which the main role plays her relation to bush and nature.


Inside of a Man (Italy - 2004)


Boxer (Italy - 2004)


Young David (Israel - 2004)


Rain on the Battlefield (Israel - 2004)


Onegin (GB, USA - 1999)

A present-day adaptation by Puškin about an easy-going Onegin and beautiful Tatiana. Onegin (Ralph Fiennes) spend his life among the royalty of Petrograd where he meets Tatiana who confesses love to him. Onegin denies her coldly and leaves. They meet each other again years after but this time it is Onegin who blazes up for love ...


Pink Dreams (ČSFR - 1976)

The film inlay of fragile love between a village postman Jakub and young gipsy girl Jolana whose relationship faces to misunderstanding and prejudices of neighbourhood. Dreams and their meaning in life are originally embedded into the story. Dušan Hanák was for Pink Dreams awarded in many festivals.


Iris (GB, USA - 2001)

True story of dramatic lifelong love between a writer Iris Murdoch and John Bayle, who wrote the screenplayfor the film. The film was awarded by Oscar Prize, Golden Globe for Jim Braodbent and the Berlinale Prize.


The Hours (USA - 2002)

One day within a life of three women living in three different spaces. A day in which Virginia Wolf writes "Mrs. Dalloway", a book that describes one day ... A day which offers a meditation over doubts and painful victories of today's feminity, over disbeliefs of women regarding their self fulfillment at work as well as in private, over love bonds of the main heroine to men and women. Nicole Kidman was awarded by Oscar and Golden Globe for the film.


Beauty of a Day (France - 1967)

A magician Buňuel joined pieces of dreams, imaginations and reality of subconscious of today's woman into an exploring coil and created outstanding and surrealistic vision. One of the most ingenious transparencies of a present-day man. Director tries to show by the help of the story of a young woman the public morals of society. The film was awarded by the prize of Golden Lion at the IFF Venice in 1967.



Love in Bilingual Motion (SK/UK)

Multimedia performance inspired by the poems of contemporary Slovak and British authors. The full lenght evening piece is actively created by the artists of different art fields: dance, poetry, video-design, music and fine arts. The basic part of the project is an active transaction between the artists of very different background - national, cultural, artistic. Love In Motion dance and poetry performance embodies the word via its permanent visual or audio presence in movement, with a great help of computer graphics, too. Love In Motion belongs to unique art events not only in Slovakia.


Réka Szabó - Clearing the Attic (HU)

"You can all stay home, for all I care. I don't want to be nice. I've got nothing in my hands, not even kind words, to lure you to this place. All I've got is this great yearning in my heart to get rid of all this junk, all the building blocks of my deliberately sheltered existence. We hoard our junk-heap within us, carrying it about with mounting weariness, fumbling miserably among the wreckage of our live"


Gyula Berger and Friends´ Dance Theatre: Centre of the Sound (HU)

Perfomance of Gyula Berger and Friends' Dance Theatre, the young company lure the audience to the inner realms. Our attention born from sounds and movements, time and silence leads us to the luminous presentness. Harsh and soft blend together, light and dark alternate and we find the mutual centre we all carry within.


Ákos Hargitai: Sentimental Memory Again (HU)

Neo-post-modern few-minute dance fantasy performed in slightly used, red jogging pants - left behind by Scott Wells- and a bare chest in places. If we take dance from a theoretical point of view, one question arises among the many: where is the art dance headed today? The answer is simple, I don't know. If we look around, it becomes clear every idea has been realized. Do we have any idea what the American post-modernists were doing 40 years ago? The answer again is simple: we know everything about their art. So what are we left with here in Europe, more precisely Eastern Europe? You may have guessed the simple answer: everything.



Morča (SKRAT SK)

A sequence of episodes, sad and amusing at the same time, about two men and two women, fumbling around in a vicious circle of stereotypic relations. The characters seek rapprochement but, at the same time, fear that it might, as well, come true.



Ridine Ahmed (ČR)

Concert for one woman and many of her voices. Ridina Ahmed works with a sampler which enables her to provide real time voice loops and layers. Vocal compositions unwind in a spiral. The whole performance is presented without the use of any musical instruments exept human voice. Ridina Ahmed (1974) dedicated herself to jazz singing for several years and participated in the project of Floex ( , CD Pocustone, 2001). She has composed the score for several theatre performances. In the last few years she is creating her own music and mainly concerting solo. Her author performance Voicescape (premiere in 2004) was awarded as the best new project at the Next wave awards. She is interested in exploring female voice as a solo, non accompagned instrument.


Blaq Mummy (ČR/USA/UA)

Blaq Mummy has been described as a "a trumpet and theremin wielding egyptian metal beast" in Also known as "Prague's primeval postpunk from planet X powered by universal love and widespread devastation", Blaq Mummy is a multinational band with members from the USA, the Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Dedicated to a poetic presentation of raw power, the band started in 1996 as a Halloween project. Thus the band plays in various masks, even if that sometimes means just their regular faces. Their first CD, "Sarcophagus Anonymous" came out this year.


Ľubomír Burgr (SK)

Ľubomír Burgr, musician, actor, member of the music formation Požoň sentimental, and a founding member of the legendary band Ali Ibn Rašid, plays his new compositions.


Petra Fornayová (SK)

The poems of Peter Šulej set to music, interpreted by Petra Fornayová


Zuzana Mojžišová a Pacora Trio (SK)

Zuzana Mojžišová began her career with the Ethno and World music as early as the year of 2000, by the virtue of her project JEJ DRUŽINA. Her vision was to revitalise the traditional Slovak folk music into the contemporary musical forms and for the audiences of today. She has released three CDs: JEJ DRUŽINA, Zuzana Mojžišová a jej družina; and Zuzana Mojžišová. Her last album received four nominations and two prizes at IFPI Aurel 2004. Pacora Trio formation: Stano Palúch - violin, Marcel Comendant - cymbalo, and Robert Ragan - double-bass, Rasto Andris - blow folk instruments, and Zuzana Mojžišová - vocals.


Požoň Sentimentál (SK)

The group "Požoň sentimentál" is a reaction to the hankering after world trends and imitating the city style by some groups today in the form of emphasizing the domestic small-town tradition. As a reply to the arrogant, elitist attitude of the classical New Music, not composed for a larger audience, they offer music accessible to unsophisticated listeners who can enjoy their favorite, well-known melodies even in a recycled form. Instead of superhuman virtuosity or conceptual dilettantism, the group presents an obvious joy of playing, of a simple performance; instead of a programmatic rejection of all that is old, they accept the so-called obsolete styles of the past and integrate them into their own style.