Ars Poetica 2010

Ars Poetica, international poetry festival, Bratislava, October 6 - 10, 2010

The 8th Ars Poetica International Poetry Festival 2010 is a multi-genre event bringing together contemporary poetry with other forms of art. Ars Poetica will once again present performances by dozens of leading contemporary poets, concerts by independent music artists and feature, experimental and animated films. The program also includes various other events, such as lectures, discussions and European round table talks on publishing and editing poetry.

This year the festival will present diverse poetry written by 27 poets from 17 countries (Italy, Spain, France, USA, United Kingdom, Iceland, Finland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, China). Their poems have been translated by several renowned, but also some younger Slovak translators: Adam Bžoch, Zuzana Drábeková, Mila Haugová, Karol Chmel, Martina Kurtyová, Pavol Lukáč, Gabriela Magová, Taras Muraško, Tatiana Paholíková, Roman Sehnal, Martin Solotruk and others.

The translated poetry will be read as interpreted by two well-known actors, Marek Majeský and Lucia Rózsa Hurajová. while live VJ sets by Zdeno Hlinka will add yet another, visual dimension to the authors' performances.

The stars of the 8th Ars Poetica International Poetry Festival 2010 include the acclaimed American author Elizabeth Willis, British poet Carol Watts, Finnish author Bodil Lindfors, German poet Matthias Göritz, Catalan author Jaume Subirana, Hungarian poet Szilárd Borbély or a holder of the prestigious Nike Prize, Eugeniusz Tkaczyszyn Dycki from Poland.

Slovak female poetry will be presented by poet Anna Ondrejková, while Ivan Štrpka will present his new book titled Veľký dych: Psychopolis, tenký ľad. The Hungarian-born Slovak poet József Juhász will read his central European verses to the audience. Derek Rebro will represent the youngest generation of poets with his debut poetry collection titled Okamih pred dopadom.

The festival will be accompanied by several multi-media artists and musicians, such as the Polish experimental group Oranżada, Hungarian singer Evelin Tóth, an ensemble from Brno and Ostrava called Krraakkk, but also several Slovak artists including Ali Ibn Rachid and Musica Falsa et Ficta.

Another interesting and potentially surprising point in the program might the performance titled Metalmusic vol. 1, a poetry play by the Czech ensemble Handagote. The festival program includes discussions on poetry and its relationship to science, and lectures by significant literary scientists dealing with the phenomenon of poetry. Among those are prof. Martin Procházka from the Charles University in Prague and Rod Mengham from the University of Cambridge, who graciously accepted the invitation as well.

The film section is made up of 13 screenings of feature films and numerous short films. They are all connected to poetry, whether it be in their theme or distinctive poetics.

The Ars Poetica Festival is trying to revive the awareness of poetry as a current medium and does so through opening up the international context, among other things. The nearly 400-page-long multilingual anthology proves to be the most extensive translation project connected to contemporary world poetry in Slovakia.