Ars Poetica 2012

The Ars Poetica International Poetry Festival, which is taking place on October 18-12, 2012, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The festival will host authors from many countries around the world (Turkey, Croatia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland and numerous others) and their poetry will be read both in its original version and Slovak translation. Of course, we must also mention concerts of bands such as Saténové ruky, Davai (RU/FRA) or Riverloam trio (POL/UK) happening at the KC Dunaj Cultural Centre, film screenings at the Lumière film theatre, the European Poetry Forum and the award ceremony for the literary competition Básne 2012 Asseco solutions. Poetry will be read by Lucia Hurajová and Marek Majeský, VJing is in the hands of Zdeno Hlinka and poetry evenings will be presented by Martin Solotruk.

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