Nóra Rúžičková in translation


discreet connections

after a winter with a complicated floor plan
full of crooked frugally lit corridors
finally we too are coming to the light
groping as if somebody just now
had shaken us out of smoky sleeves
with a blanched gaze facing
the merciless brightness
we let ourselves explode
on our tongues day after day
blasts in slow motion
sieved through thousands
of thickly woven fabrics: pure cliché
a breath for long months sewn
in smouldering velvet
but not anymore
now everything is smooth again
without seams without will
our hearts lie on the shelf
covered with a glossy glaze
and an easily legible motif


touches flowing
down a sealed body
they are splintering
in drops bouncing off
the impermeable surface
we are cooling off along
the quickly unwound threads
not concerned with anything
our fingertips in packs rushing
across hostile surfaces
we stare unpleasantly at the rain
till we turn into wolves


if something that's never been
is missing
i am missing
that i've never had
the missing alone
is missing
the rooms are moving
the gapped
are shifting along
a horizontal vertical axis
they are turning stretching
until they restlessly settle on the original
angularity: the walls
the ceiling the floor and me

in the spring

oriental fingers
peeling buds
like ripe bananas
or thoughtfully
arranging petals
or rubbing into the skin
highly effective creams
with mysterious active formulas
the air full of diligent fingers
fingers take care of you and protect you
cook you bird's milk
bring things to your mouth
fall on you like hair
fall for you as goodnight
on a piano
when you blunder they find you
they chase you like a tame
oriental plum
back into the stone

Copyright © Nóra Ružičková 2012
English Edition © Ars Poetica, o. z. 2012
Translation © Zuzana Starovecká 2012
Language Editor © John Minahane 2012
ISBN 978-80-89283-55-2

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