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Dimana Ivanova,
09. 12. 2016
Several weeks ago we were sitting in a coffee in Bratislava with Canadian poetess Claudine Bertrand. The waiter was convinced he knows from somewhere Claudine. I told him she is for a while here and he cannot know her from anywhere. He asked me what she is doing. I said she came for a poetry festival Ars poetica and she is a poetess. He immediately said that last night he saw the news on Slovak TV and they spoke also about the festival and Claudine talked for a while! Next time I went to the coffee alone he asked me if Mrs. Bertrand is already gone and he very well remembered me. So, I think Ars poetica is the only poetry festival I know that hosts so many people and the public is numerous... and you can even become famous as a foreigner in Slovakia, because there is a big interest about it from the part of medias. Thank you once again from my name and the name of Claudine Bertrand to having been part of it, dear Martin Solotruk and Martina Straková!

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