Ars Poetica visited Enitharmon Press

Ars Poetica is happy to announce ... the representatives of the publishing house and festival Ars Poetica, visited the publishing house Enitharmon Press that derives its name on the muse of William Blake... The publishing house is located in the famous art district of the 30's and 40's of the 19th century, the Bloomesbury in London.

Enitharmon Press in London The Slovak publication of Dannie Abse’s poems

Enitharmon Press in London and The Slovak publication of Dannie Abse’s poems

... It was a very pleasant meeting with the editors of the publishing house and we found a joint conjunction in our editorial history, as Ars Poetica is the only publishing house in Slovakia and perhaps even in Central Europe that published in the extensive translation work of Dannie Abse (1923-2014), who is recognised as one of the author of the classic modern British poetry, who belongs to a primary writer of the Enitharmon Press.

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