Povedali o festivale Ars Poetica 2017

Nataša Sardžoska (Macedonia), 4. 12. 2017
On the occasion of my participation at the ARS POETICA International poetry festival in beautiful Bratislava and of my poetry publication in Slovakian language, I was received by Mr Chlupik, Chargé d'affairs of the Embassy of Slovakia in Macedonia. I was glad to give them the poetry book published by Ars Poetica 2017 and as a gift I received the Slovak-Macedonian dictionary. Slovakian, my next linguistic skill? Sure, looking forward to a new language!

Nataša Sardžoska (Macedonia), 21. 11. 2017
Please let me thank you immensely for your kindness, for the hospitality
and for your precious invitation at the Festival of Poetry ARS POETICA.
I enjoyed every single moment I spent there with you, with the poets, with
my new friends.

The entire team was fantastic and the program was thrilling and
challenging. I am inspired now and I learned many new things.
Thank you very much for giving me a chance to express my creativity and to
have my poetry published in Slovak language.

Aurélia Lassaque (France), 21. 11. 2017
It has been a great pleasure to see you and share this strong poetic moments with you
Thanks a lot for welcoming me in your festival, I enjoyed it a lot!

Csobánka Zsuzsa Emese (Hungary), 21. 11. 2017
I would like to say a huge thank you to you.
Spendig this Friday with you was honestly a very determining time.

Semier Insayif (Austria), 21. 11. 2017
thank you very much from the deep of my heart
for your invitation, for your great hospitality, your open spirits and hearts,
for your perfect and open minded work, your empathy and energy in the name of art & poetry!

it was a great pleasure for me to be at your festival
being part of wonderful days of beauty and hope with
seriousness, sensitivity and humor!

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