Fumbling In The Vastness / Ars Poetica 2018

Tuesday / October 10 / Slovak National Theatre / the Blue Salon / Pribinova 17
7:30pm / Fumbling in the Vastness (SK) / premiere

Šmátranie v širočine (Fumbling in the Vastness) forges new relationships between poetry and theatre. This unique harmony between two world-class artists, one singer and the other actor, will light up your senses and bring you to the streams of living language. Enter the world of magical imagery and inner voices that will arouse the forgotten plains of your memory. They will lead you through unusual depths and heights... back to the vastness of consciousness.

Director: Soňa Ferancová
Cast: Ján Gallovič, Štefan Kocán
Screenplay (montage from the poetry by Ján Stacho): Martin Solotruk


Fumbling In The Vastness



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