A book of the Slovak contemporary poetry translated into German was just published

The publishing house Das Wunderhorn called into life a bilingual publication of German/Slovak translations of the German and Slovak contemporary poetry – Lob des Wildtiers im Winter. Gedichte aus der Slowakei. The publication includes the German translations of these Slovak authors: Michal Habaj, Mila Haugová, Rudolf Jurolek, Dana Podracká, Martin Solotruk and Ivan Štrpka. The editor of the publication is the poet Hans Thill and one of the translators is, among others, the poetess Sylvia Geist. The book is a creative result of a translation project Poesie der Nachbarn (Poetry of the Neighbours – Poets translated by Poets) supported by the Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck Foundation and the Artist's Centre Edenkoben in Germany, which invites poets from various foreign countries and Germany to work in a joint translation workshop.