Award-winning performance poet Titilope Sonuga at Ars Poetica International Poetry Festival 2017

Ars Poetica festival is currently celebrating fifteen years of its existence. Over the years, it has consistently delivered a thrilling experience of multi-genre fusion of art and poetry to a wide audience. This year, its stages will be graced by numerous outstanding poets, both from Slovakia and abroad. Poetry readings will go hand in hand with multimedia events and a rich off program. The main festival days will be followed by Ars Poetica Film, a selection of films, which will be screened in the Lumière Film Theatre over several days.

Titilope Sonuga
Titilope Sonuga

One of this year's Ars Poetica Festival highlights is the Canadian and Nigerian poet and performer Titilope Sonuga. Martin Solotruk, the festival's creative director, describes her as 'one of the most talented international performers and strong voices of contemporary Nigerian poetry', who 'giftedly grips the audience and constantly keeps them engaged and excited throughout her performance. When she performs, her beautiful voice, her exceptional delivery, but above all the strength of her poetry make time stand still. '

Apart from being a performer, poet and writer, Titilope Sonuga served as an ambassador for Intel's She Will Connect campaign. In 2015, she became the first Nigerian poet to perform at a presidential inauguration. Her performance at the Ars Poetica International Poetry Festival is taking place on November 17 in the A4 Centre for Contemporary Culture.

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