Creation 2014 – a multimedia project inspired by the poetry of Michal Habaj

Most recently, poetry of leading Slovak poet Michal Habaj, Ars Poetica Versopolis nominee, inspired a unique contemporary dance project with the title Creation 2014 featuring Slovak dancers Jana Tereková & Eva Lacková. Poetry samples feeding the multimedia choreography come from two of Michal Habaj's books Korene neba (The Roots of Heaven) and Michal Habaj. The multimedia performance was also prominently featured at the twelfth edition of the International poetry festival Ars Poetica 2014 in Bratislava.

creation-1.jpg creation-3.jpg

The dancers managed to convince the audience that poetry is able to acquire amazing new dimensions when enriched by contemporary dance. But more than this. The artist – dancers showed the viewers that poetry can be not read-only, but is able to be incorporated and transformed into dance in a way that merges words with choreography and movement. The inspiration for them was also the phenomenon of a cyborg, as a representation of a human boundary or a limit – a defining line of an inner/outer space. The virtuous whirl of motional and semantic emanation brings us to the awakening that words that give us both the possibility of freedom, but are at the same time form a boundary. Jana Tereková and Eva Lacková manage to overcome those differences through their dancing interpretations and poetry transformations.

Cyborg Creation

Jana Tereková & Eva Lacková transformed the poetry of Michal Habaj into movement.

Concept: Jana Tereková
Choreography: Jana Tereková in collaboration with dancers
Dancers: Eva Lacková, Jana Tereková
Original score: Joseph Champagnon, Jimi Sofo
Music: Ester Brinkmann – Maschine
Stage design and costumes: Michal Heriban
Poems: Michal Habaj (Korene neba, Michal Habaj)
Production: bees-R