Slovakia has a representative on the international Ledbury Poetry Festival

The poetry of John Edwards and Martin Solotruk was presented on the international festival of poetry in Ledbury, England, which took place from June 30, 2017 to July 9, 2017. This time, the poetry concerned the restrictions our culture suffers in the form of bureaucratic boundaries...

Ledbury Poetry Festival 2017
Ledbury Poetry Festival 2017

The holy issue has come to you
dear constituents
You've got the eyes to see
the ears to hear
the brewing that deserves a shot
So rise to thy feet
You've got a tweet from above
the routine flow of business
as usual
the prodigy of the mock
town hall
seeking to reconnect
with ever more of a teraflop
harnessing the wind
of change
tingling with little change
we can believe in
when first things come first...

Martin Solotruk
Excerpt from the poem European Statesman, Part Town Hall


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