Planet HD 131399A or a hands-on DADA according to Tristan Tzara’s Manual

How much can one mine from a single newspaper cut-out by the magical approach of the DADA manifesto? We wanted to have a tangible, hands-on result. That is exactly why we have participated (with you) in the “DADA-action” and took action. Or the words, to be more exact.

From a whole range of options, we randomly picked a certain newspaper, or more specifically, a certain print of a certain edition of a certain newspaper. In that newspaper, we intuitively picked an article that caught our eye. And it was at this point that we started working according to the well-known manual of Tristan Tzara. However, we also numbered the words in the article. We wrote the numbers on a piece of paper and cut each of them out. Then, we put those pieces into into a magical jar and mixed them thoroughly by shaking. And then it came. Breathing out deeply and standing nervously for a while above the lottery of the text. We started “drawing” the numbers and wrote them down. This sequence “dictated” our “poem”.

TECHNICAL NOTE: Already in the production stage, we had been aware that the case endings in Slovak were sometimes too “problematic” and were a hurdle to the homogeneity of the forming text. In other languages that lack case endings, the DADA poem would have looked more “shiny” without the “polishing” of the case endings.

A Cut-out From the Hospodárske Noviny Daily Newspaper

This is the result
(as translated into English):

Planet HD 131399A

The theory 16
by the team would fall out of memory
by four times discovered disproved
by its qualities
the day of stars in the years up till now
three suns of constellations are like an instrument of secret
series of years at the same time
Shere astronomers.
One is the Earth HD 131399Ab or an object
320 of a triplet is from about three
Centaurs of our universally unstable millions of systems
completely without the Third revolution
by gases that were stars.
They experienced in the periods of inhabitants and revolved
in fact
by gases and also hid the planet
by the brightest exoplanet of problems and Jupiter
the Centaur exoplanet hides the knowledge of being themselves or being with itself considered
constant by old stellar relationships
The third system of stars is the first object of light rays
created systems
and HD 131399 and a planet east of the Third

It’s 1916. In the Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich
Hugo Ball introduces his “Dada” manifesto…
English translation by Martin Kolenič