Poetry can be found on a soup can as well

Belgium and specifically the city Ghent can proudly boast its Poetry Centre, supported by the city council. Stefaan Goossens and Sieglinde Vanhaezebrouck are the employees of the Centre, which, in addition to archiving everything related to poetry, publishes its own magazine Poëziekrant, has its own bookstore, educates and organizes various events related to communication poetry towards the general public.

Poetry can be found in Ghent possibly everywhere. On a bench, a sculptures, or a city-wall... Even on everyday objects - for example on a soup can. The city also has its own urban poet / poetess.

Extremely interesting is the Barbarber magazine (1958-1972), in which you can find, next to poems and short stories, also photographs, drawings and different unusual 'ready-mades', such as a list of what to buy in a grocery store, or even ballot papers :)

Ars Poetica brings you photos of the Centre and the city of Ghent.

For more information on the Centre and its activities click: poeziecentrum.be