Today We Commemorate the 140th Anniversary Since the Birth of Ivan Krasko

During these days, we commemorate the 140th birth anniversary of a pioneer in modern Slovak poetry, Ivan Krasko. It is a pleasant surprise that this year’s celebrations will be enriched by an important work...

Ivan Krasko (12. júl 1876 – 3. marec 1958)
Ivan Krasko (July 12, 1876 – March 3, 1958)

This is due to the fact that a monograph by Professor Ján Zambor has been recently published under the name Vzlyky nahej duše. Ivan Krasko v interpretáciách (Laments of a Naked Soul. Ivan Krasko in Interpretation). The book is a well-researched guide through the works of one of the most important poets of the Slovak Modernism and Symbolism. The title of the monograph alludes to a remark of Krasko’s, in which he describes his lyrical verses as “the laments of a naked soul”. The monograph is also rich with biographical and bibliographical facts regarding the author.

Ján Zambor: Laments of a Naked Soul. Ivan Krasko in Interpretation.
Published by the Centre for Information on Literature in Bratislava

On the occasion of the introduction of the monograph, we have asked Professor Zambor a couple of short questions:

*What does the personality of Ivan Krasko mean to you?

Krasko discovered the poetry for me. In the fifth grade of primary school, my teacher chose for me a poem of his, Otcova roľa (Father’s Field), to recite at a school competition. The particular impressiveness of the verses which I call a symbolistic suggestivity these days, sparked my interest in poetry.

*In your opinion, what do the works of Ivan Krasko offer to the contemporary reader?

The answer to this question can be found in my book. What might certainly be of interest are the poems on interpersonal relationships, especially partnerships, that try to capture their mystery and are typical for their Modernist psychologism, and the poems on the eternal mysteries of human existence.

The presentation of Ján Zambor’s monograph took place in the
Summer Reading Room at the Red Crayfish in Bratislava on 26th June 2016.