Freshly-released booklets from the Ars Poetica Versopolis edition

A short interview with graphic designer Lívia Kožušková

The Versopolis poetry evening forms an integral part of the festival program, and books of the invited authors are an inseparable part of it. This year we will welcome Veronika Dintinjana (Slovenia), Pietro Cagni (Italy), Nikolina Andova (Macedonia) and Łukasz Jarosz (Poland), who will perform alongside Slovak poets Agda Bavi Pain and Mária Ferenčuchová on the stage of the Café Berlinka SNG on Saturday, November 17 2018, at 6:30 pm.

According to the words of graphic designer Lívia Kožušková: „While creating the booklets of this year's Ars Poetica Versopolis edition, I drew a lot of inspiration from the animal kingdom. Last year's flora was replaced with fauna, namely the mysterious and colorful world of insects. The combination of organic, living elements and strict, cold geometry creates a certain visual harmony.

Poetry in and of itself is pure, oftentimes abstract and hard to grasp. That is how I perceive it as an artist, which is always reflected in the visual aspect of things, mainly in the creation of layouts of each publication."

andova.jpg cagni.jpg

dintinjana.jpg jarosz.jpg

The booklets will be available for free during the Ars Poetica festival.

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More on the festival