Morning Blue Animal by Sylvia Geist selected in the readers‘ survey 2017 Book of the Year by the dai

We consider it a great honor that the poetry collection Morning Blue Animal And Other Poems by Sylvia Geist has received attention in the Pravda reader's survey, 2017 Book of the Year. A selection from the works of the acclaimed German poetess was released by Ars Poetica in 2017 in translation by Martina Straková.

The book was included in the category titled Translated Works alongside books such as Každodenný oheň [orig. El fuego de cada día] by Octavio Paz and Roztratení Nemci [orig. Die versprengten Deutschen] by Karl-Markus Gauss.

Kniha roka 2017

It was also included in the hand-picked selection of the most notable books by Derek Rebro, a literary critic, who described it as a "selection of works by a contemporary German author, whose poetry disrupts the poetic stereotypes on several levels including language. The texts are characterized by a high rate of associative divergence, interpretative intangibility and (the related) artistic value." It also appeared in the selection picked by the poet Mila Haugová: "Sylvia Geist's poetry currently belongs among the best in poetry written in German. The author is able to create a distinct world through particular poetic language, where the private and the public merge into cosmic unity."

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