Slovak participation at the International Festival of Poetry Evenings in Curtea de Arges 2015, Roman

The Slovak-Bulgarian poetess Dimana Ivanová who participated at the International Poetry Festival Ars Poetica 2013, was also guest at the 19th annual International Poetry Festival - Poetry Evenings in Curtea de Arges in Romania where she presented three of her poems from her poetry collection Pozvánka pre otca / Invitation for the Father (Ergo, 2012).

antologia.jpg dimana-ivanova-cita-svoje-basne-za-pritomnosti-organizatorov-festivalu.jpg
1. Festival Anthology, 2. Dimana Ivanová reading her poems in the presence of the festival organizers

3. Poetess Dimana Ivanová, Canadian poetess Claudine Bertrand and Norwegian poet Tergoir Petersen

The festival is traditionally a unique cultural event of poetry readings, book presentations, painting exhibitions, as well as a presentation of Romanian folk music. A selection of poetry works of the festival participants is traditionally published in a two-volume anthology in the original language versions and their Romanian and English translations.