The Ars Poetica European Poetry Forum Logo Launched - Simple, functional and interesting

Ars Poetica is happy to inform about its freshly launched Ars Poetica European Poetry Forum (EPF) Logo. It was designed by a young Slovak artist designer – Mgr. art. Lívia Kožušková – who, among other activities, is at the present working on her doctorate at the Slovak Technical University, Department of Architecture.

The primary impulse and the aim of creating the EPF logo was to bring closer the existing logo Ars Poetica and a newly designed EPF logo in the effort to give them a feel of a joint identity umbrella. Since the European Poetry Forum Platform is an activity and a sub-brand of Ars Poetica, the designer sought to create a logo that would interestingly communicate its major function with the Ars Poetica logo and naturally connect visually with the whole website.

mgr-art-livia-kozuskova-ars-poetica-graphic-designer.jpgLívia decided to work on the typographic design of the logo, as its name is rather long and wide-ranging, by using the initial letters, or an acronym of the title European Poetry Forum. The crux of the design work was to find graphically the very location of each letter and to be both creative and right about the specific colour of each of the letters. The underlying motto of the new logo could be put as: Simple, functional and interesting. We can only agree with Livia's thought: "I think the umbrella Ars Poetica logo and the new EPF logo breathe in the same spirit." You may take a look at the new EPF logo by visiting the webpage: