The Ars Poetica European Poetry Forum New Branding Launched Soon

We at Ars Poetica are happy to announce soon a release of a brand new logo of the Ars Poetica European Poetry Forum (EPF) project as a sub-brand of Ars Poetica. The EPF, amongst other goals, assembles interviews addressing questions designed by Martin Solotruk, the Ars Poetica director, which seek to inspire answers of leading European and overseas poets of different walks of poetry in order to extract consciousness of the international patterns of contemporary poetry and poetry traditions.

As this Czech source testifies, the E-merging creativity/Versopolis project has declared its desire to keep and develop continuity with the results which Ars Poetica achieved with its proprietary project the Ars Poetica European Poetry Forum (EPF)

We trust that Versopolis project, in the light of thus declared intents, will contribute to a further development of the EPF.

The European Poetry Forum initiative seeks to establish a permanent platform, a bursary of reflections, observations and recommendations on the contexts and forms of the contemporary European and international poetry provided by the broadest possible spectrum of creative and academic personalities. The EPF hopes to inspire a growing emergence of an informative forum that will employ both traditionally academic as well as independently creative approaches in an effort of gathering knowledge and reflective impulses on the poetics, traditions, and visions of those, whose call was to inherit the earth as the art of poetry.

In the vein of EPF spirit, the Ars Poetica organized the European Poetry Forum International Colloquium on Patterns of Contemporary Poetry on 5th of December 2014 at the Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University in Bratislava Slovakia, with a number of leading poetry presences including e.g. Ron Padgett, former Chancellor of the American Academy of Poets.

The press release was publisher at the Versopolis website.
You can download it here.