Competition Evaluation

Thank you for all your contributions to our Facebook competition for the children's book The Magic Meadow at the End of the City by Marta Straková!

Here are the three winning answers to our question: What is the most beautiful experience of your childhood?

Jana Čech Zollerová: I loved when grandma hen hatched its little chicks and my grandmother would always carefully take one from underneath her and put it into my palms. They were tiny, soft and warm... I loved when we would run around beyond the village, picking violets in the spring grass growing by the old barns... ❤

Miroslava Cipínová: Whenever grandmother took us on a fresh spring meadow to collect glimmering dandelions and turn them into honey. Back then, everything smelled of simplicity, purity and everlasting goodness...

Majjka Hej: Summer by summer, me and my siblings would spend our vacations at our grandparents'. In the morning, grandma would bring us breakfast to bed. We couldn't imagine a better start of our anarchy club. All day, we could do what we wanted and our grandparents were happy about it. We would swim in the Ipel river, play ninjas or Russians fighting with fascists, build forts... but also bake cakes, help out in the garden, take care of the animals... In a child's world, there is nothing more beautiful than wonderful grandparents who, rather than money, gift you with a great deal of love.

Congratulations to the winners!