Doe Looking at the Polaris Contest Results Announced…

... or – Who knows what the Polaris is called in the language of does?

Thank you for all the beautiful responses to our contest question: What does the image of a doe looking at the Polaris make you feel or what does it evoke? It was very hard for us to decide who will be the lucky winner of the new poetry collection by Mila Haugová, which is why we decided to send it to not less than three winners :)

And for the others to not be too sad, we're publishing all of your beautiful contributions :)

The book Doe Looking at the Polaris goes to:


Katarína Bubnášová::
Fragility, a longing, a dream. As unfathomable as the starry sky. Millions of stars in the heavens. Like people. Only one of them is the Polaris. It shines equally on all and for all. And somebody chooses her to be his star, the one which will become the light of his life.
We seek it all our lives. Yearning, dreaming...
P.S. It reminds me of my favorite quote by J. W. Goethe: "Walking the plains, we gaze upon the mountaintops."


Matúš Benkovič::
Who knows what the Polaris is called in the language of does?


Monika Mikulcová::
A fragile being. its eyes gazing towards the eternity and yet seeing a steady point, a light, a star, hope... the space between her and the Polaris is filled with her longings, dreams, the past and the future... a never-ending process, being in harmony with one's everydayness and whatever is beyond it...

Here are more of your contributions...

Lesana Kráľovičová::
It evokes a feeling of her waiting for something / someone... while watching the Polaris... maybe she is somehow afraid of what the future holds, maybe she is thinking, "I don't know what is ahead of me, what will become of me..." many feelings in her head...

InDianka Dianka::
Taking in the silence and the eternity... Not fearing anything and living for the moment, watching the starry sky at night.

Jarka Berryová::
A longing, a dream, love, eternity, fragility, distance...

Mária Pažmová::
Dark but smart, beautiful, graceful, little bit of a lone wolf wanting to escape the stereotype. To me, the Polaris evokes new places, determination and a gaze upon a place where I yearn to go :-)

Lenka Repčáková::
A doe. A woman, shy and soft. A bit of a lone wolf, her big eyes gazing into the darkness of the sky and seeking a sliver of light. I see myself in her. I see you. A quiet soul longing to sink into the depths of eternity.

Miroslav Búran::
It evokes freedom, wildness, mystery...

Bea Hric Swetlunka::
A lost doe is searching for direction, waking towards her goal, where peace, livelihood and fulfillment reside.

Diana Garbierová::
A doe looking at the Polaris will never get lost. Wherever she goes, anytime she raises her eyes towards the sky, the North Star will be there – sitting in its unchanging spot. And this security makes the doe happy.

Paula Kellerová::
A doe evokes something fragile and shy, but at the same time something which is able to find the strength to look away from the ground that binds us and let its gaze fly towards the Polaris, heart burning for great, even supernatural things.

Jana Špaková::
When it's standing in front of a car thinking that the headlight is the Polaris, paralyzed and waiting; waiting on what is going to happen; will it survive again?

Alexandra Popovičová::
I'm entering the night. Darkness, silence, cold. But I am not afraid. I'm slowly breathing in the fresh, moist air. I lock my eyes on the night sky. My gaze is fixed on the brightest star. I'm trying to catch a glimpse of it across the universe, I'm trying to focus until my eyesight dims. I narrow my eyes and a stinging tear slides down my cheek. I smile. I get the sudden strange feeling that only comes at night, when one looks at the stars. The feeling that weighs me down by its burden while elevating me above the whole wide world: I am just a tiny, helpless being. I know nothing, I understand nothing. The universe I search through is ceasing to exist. Here I found home.

Eva Bložová::
It evokes beautiful eternity, the vastness of options, of unfulfilled goals within reach, of unexplored tomorrows, as well as satisfaction and thankfulness :)

Ančička Zojkovie Juráňová::
A doe watching the Polaris... so tender and savagely free... an enchanted doe with a human heart beating in her chest... eyes like black almonds carrying the depth of night... watching the Polaris in the sounds of silence and asking with her heart if there's somebody out there... as eternal as her question – where did she come from, so different... carrying the paradise inside of her – but a peculiar pain too... the stars are drawing the answers for her...

Elena Želonková::
Dreams about a nice future for the whole EARTH.

Veronika Kaločaiová::
Rudolph and Christmas :)

Milo Horinek::
I am a man of the forest; they call me Tarzian. I met a beautiful, tender Doe. She said: Come, get to know me. I need someone who will guide me, so that I might steer my life in the right direction. I held her in my arms, showing her the sky; heartbeats throbbing, feeling the fullness of love. Believe, my beautiful doe, or do not believe; yes, that one star is showing you the way. I want you, so please want me, and know, where the North is! :P

Emília Ždiňáková::
Fear of what happened to her younglings; faith and hope that they managed to escape the huntsmen, the Polaris showing them the right way.

Miriam Kováčová::
The flow of time...

Lucia Babiaková::
The doe is watching the Polaris and thinking about what is ahead of her and which direction she should take, and maybe whether there is a stag waiting for her.

Jana Ambrózová::
The goddess of the forest is watching the Polaris. She knows that they both know the way.

Renáta Jurčová::
Fragility and beauty in a woman gracefully seeking direction in her life.

Andrea Štefková::
A doe is an animal with a romantic soul; when we see it on the meadow, it makes us feel hope; something pure.
When a doe is looking at the Polaris, she is thinking about her fate, about her path of life – will it be a peaceful meadow with her family or a fight for survival?

Polina Chelemendíková::
A doe looking at a Polaris, where might she be heading? North :)

Ivera Špontáková::
Never ending universe connecting the Earth with the stars, the sun replacing the moon, a doe smelling like musk carrying the mystery of tenderness. A heavenly love connecting men with nature, the night full of stars, hiding our dreams, speaking to human souls with a soft voice.
A night of silence full of longings.

Ludmila Kasaj Poláčková::
A doe being aware of herself, her finiteness, smallness, shallowness – and a longing to look up to the heights and the faraway places, receiving wings... to softly touch the Polaris, with more than just a glance...

Jaromíra Barboríková::
Even I, the fragile being that I am, can achieve great things. The thought of a doe.

Mo Tamássyová::
A girl in dreams

Blaženka Ostrovská::
Softness, affection and at the same time darkness and fear...