WOW! A play, where poetry is present in its full strength…

Smoke is rising from the rubble of the last bright future on the horizon. And past is once again recycled according to the newest orders of the rat-catchers. Homo sapiens got stuck in the snare of the present, which is slowly being taken over by clowns. Whether it' a matter of daily lives, art or politics. However, these clowns are just clumsy and ludicrous entertainers of the audience. They are evil, malicious and unpredictable. In a world where god (maybe just temporarily) refrained from watching over the world, pop culture made the clown into the most contemporary incarnation of the devil. We don't always notice that his kind smile turned into a mocking grin. These clowns prosper in the carnival of neoliberal capitalism. They are on a roll. It has only been recently that we stopped being bold enough to distinguish truth from lies. To rely on the facts. However, in the reality of these clowns, barely anyone is brave enough to distinguish truth from lies. We have found ourselves in a post-factual reality. In a world of the entropy of values. Facts have become unreliable, non-patriotic, incomprehensible. Elaborate and spontaneous lies dominate the media. At the twilight of the age of reason, homo sapiens is once again forced to adapt. And to be ready to put on the mask of a clown, just in case... just to be able to inconspicuously participate in this triumphant goodbye to truth and objectivity... The most powerful clown is convinced that "Truth is only a loser's crutch..."
– Eugen Gindl

The Slovak premiere will take place
on February 24 2017, A4
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Director, concept: Jozef Vlk
Choreography: Stanislava Vlčeková
Script: Eugen Gindl
English translation: Martin Solotruk
Visual art: Alex Zelina
Set designer: Ján Ptačin
Costume designer: Katarína Holková
Music: Jozef Vlk
Literary manager: Dáša Čiripová
Cast: Peter Cseri, Stanislava Vlčeková
Whispering: Braňo Mosný
Technical director: Matej Černušák
Producer: Martina Širáňová