Katarína Kucbelová in translation


sooner or later I shall stop breathing

motion is not transformation
transformation implies impossibility
of motion set in motion
lungs fill up with air
vessels with water
until they overflow
the art of the architects
of cascades and dead-end streets
from the bottom others return
by the same route

regular breathing exercise

regular violation of regularity
regular repetition of movement
leads to enlargement of muscle fibres
its regular violation
leads to even greater enlargement of
muscle fibres
transfer of particles
regular breath
regular intake of nourishment
regular intake of liquids
and their regular elimination
transfer of particles to another grouping
the heart's beating
blood pressure
activity of veins
tear ducts
taste buds
regular breath
anguish is the anticipation of decay

I measure by breath

silence is an immeasureable value
if it is what we call
of sounds and pictures
silence need not even have a concept
nameless it would be
the ideal
of quest
the goal

Copyright © Katarína Kucbelová 2012
English Edition © Ars Poetica, o. z. 2012
Translation © Zuzana Starovecká, John Minahane 2012
Language Editor © John Minahane 2012
ISBN 978-80-89283-53-8

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