Michal Habaj in translation


Eden's apples of remembrance

to call up a smile on the face of a girl: call it up like a pupil
to the board: like a film negative: like the spirit of Marilyn Monroe:
during nights like this: announcing itself in the depths of our hearts:
all I hear is her murmuring songs: I see only blotches of her face:
mammy: but she's only wheezing: mammy: but she has no colours:
connect the sound connect the picture: in your neon technohead:
you'll hear divine Marilyn's laughter and Frankieboy's velvet voice:
when in a silent forest of monitors: together with James Dean
she saves the world: and yet it moves! and yet it moves:
tape in a projector: their naked stars fall from the screen
to earth: soft memories easy dreams: and Kate Moss:
when she doles out smiles draped in the dictate of secret keyboards:
and Vanessa Paradis: with chewing gum wound round her finger:
stands in the empty metro: and she sees: a striding
sable youth: a leaf falling from the tree: high school girls
trustfully clutching the butts of mobile telephones:
and she sees: herself seen: she calls up memories: faces
of her lovers: she calls up a smile on the face of the girl:
who she once was: and who she will ever remain:
deep in our hearts: deeper in the film negatives.

Rafts: hoops of pain

sail through history: with faces turned to the sky:
they receive sunbeams: with eyes keeled over on themselves:
they call to the distance: naked pure words: to be to have:
torn flags of the mouth blow in the wind: equipped
with sound and image: they face the emptiness: sleeping
beneath the ruins of loves and empires: in the dark windbreak
along evolution's roads: where our lost incarnations
hitherto stride: silently opening their mouths
in testtubes in the labs that history has strewn:
the original chromosome moves: it moves at the bottom
of the nucleus: in the empty waters of time: flowing ever
back: to the depth of chaos: where we are: where we are that:
when with lunatic speed we squander the mouldering milestones
of man: our rafts have got snared in the whirl of events: who will stop:
who will stop this mad merry-go-round of reincarnations?

Copyright © Michal Habaj 2012
English Edition © Ars Poetica, o. z. 2012
Translation © John Minahane 2012
Language Editor © John Minahane 2012
ISBN 978-80-89283-52-1

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