Peter Šulej in translation


the aim and the sand

(just as the) /

sand of the beach is moving
working according to its own
progamme hidden from us
written for inorganic software
during the first days
by a construction team
with a clear idea

/ (we too get through the crossroads to the green
and willy-nilly a mass of things just seem to flow
daily we are in doubt about the aim)

in the end the sand unites the skeletons of scallops and mussels
all that's missing is the conches between the children's toes
there's a composed element of coincidence
coral in the earlobe of an inland woman
dune after dune with clumps of grasses
merely smiles //

/ // (if a coin is lost
no one gets in any way upset
or has the least regard for the monetary system

oh pleasant songs of the sea-warmed sandstone /

so opposing the siren call of the shifting sands
always respect the sign: bathing prohibited!

here at the frontier of mineralogy and biology
in the sunbeams you relish to the full
the interdisciplinary dimension of the (tech.) solution
a terry towel casually flung
they are processing the grains of first contact
cream yourself well and then you can lie down

(seek it cannot be sought out)

somewhere a bitter feeling of being unsure or inferior
in the grandiose oak-tree now and then
(only) a twig blooms (if )
they've come they've gone — have been are not
no one will notice anything /
petals from the corolla are falling on the ground

/ (seek it cannot be sought out)

in the pumpkin fields forever /
beyond them red-hot peppers
of the 18 bastions only 7 remained
the slow flow of the granua through the copper valley

spruce water // flows
during the nights meditations ///
// time

/ (seek it cannot be sought out)

the rotations will be perfectly completed
there may be two sides of the world
simply face one and tense the bowstring
the resultant of desires
or stay wait till it circulates
good is will be

(seek it cannot be sought out)

/// poetry as a system anomaly

Copyright © Peter Šulej 2012
English Edition © Ars Poetica, o. z. 2012
Translation © John Minahane 2012
ISBN 978-80-89283-51-4

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