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Enjoy the poetry of sunlight...

poetry of sunlight

Poetry beams...

15. 08. 2016

Poetry beams...

... from the memory of engulfed objects... more

Planéta HD 131399A, alebo rukolapné DADA podľa návodu Tristana Tzaru

09. 08. 2016

Planéta HD 131399A, alebo rukolapné DADA podľa návodu Tristana Tzaru

Čo všetko sa dá vyčarovať z jediného novinového výstrižku magickým postupom manifestu DADA? Sami sme chceli získať rukolapný dôkaz. A preto sme sa (s vami) zapojili do "DADA-akcie" a prešli od slov k činom. Teda vlastne od slov k slovám :) more

100 Years of Dada or How to Create a Dadaist Poem

24. 07. 2016

100 Years of Dada or How to Create a Dadaist Poem

It was in a cosmonaut-like costume and it was in July 1916 in the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich when the German poet Hugo Ball introduced his manifesto and spoke out "DADA". This was the magical word, the magic formula against all horrors of the war, against all absurd conflicts ... more

Poetry of Miniature as Street Art

14. 07. 2016

Poetry of Miniature as Street Art

Slinkachu is a British street artist, photographer and a visual “poet” of people miniatures and of the most trivial and overlooked corners of our everyday lives. His project Little People in the City is a celebration of a detail in various senses, where all the seemingly overlooked everyday places acquire new dimensions and move us to think about our lives. more

Today We Commemorate the 140th Anniversary Since the Birth of Ivan Krasko

12. 07. 2016

Today We Commemorate the 140th Anniversary Since the Birth of Ivan Krasko

During these days, we commemorate the 140th birth anniversary of a pioneer in modern Slovak poetry, Ivan Krasko. It is a pleasant surprise that this year’s celebrations will be enriched by an important work... more

Can you guess who is in the picture?

11. 07. 2016

Can you guess who is in the picture?

These days we commemorate the 140th anniversary since the birth of a prominent Slovak poet. more

How About Delving Into

10. 07. 2016

How About Delving Into

Multimirrorings? more

A Corner for Writing...

09. 07. 2016

A Corner for Writing...

Do you have a writing corner? The French poetess Aurélia Lassaque introduced us the "room" for writing of her own... more

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Veronika Rácová: On the Brink of a Shell. Book Presentation.

You are our book that has already more than a thousand pages ... THANK YOU!
You are our book that has
more than a thousand pages ... THANK YOU!



Struga Poetry Evenings

Just today (August 24) the most prestigious international poetry festival with the longest tradition and continuity since 1962 is going to start – Struga Poetry Evenings in Macedonia. The Highlight of the current 54th festival edition is the Canadian author Margaret Atwood – the festivals Golden Wreath Laureate. Slovakia will be represented by the Ars Poetica Versopolis nominee – Mária Ferenčuhová. The event will be held until August 29, 2016.

24. 08. 2016


Dorothy Parker

The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.” – Dorothy Parker

(August 22, 1893 – June 7, 1967).

22. 08. 2016


Ted Hughes

Today let us remember the poet Ted Hughes

(August 17, 1930 – October 28, 1998). His poetic work From the Life and Songs of the Crow was translated into Slovak by

Martin Solotruk.

more17. 08. 2016


On the Brink of a Shell...

A short introduction of the monograph by Veronika Rácová: On the Brink of a Shell. On Poetry of Ivan Štrpka at the Versopolis webpages.

16. 08. 2016


Alfred Tennyson

"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." These days we are remembering the life and work of Alfred Tennyson (August 6, 1809 – October 8, 1892), author of the poem The Lady of Shalott about a woman (Elaine of Astolat) who was cursed to weave all days by seeing the outside world only as a reflection in the mirror... You can read the whole poem at

06. 08. 2016


Shelley - Prometheus Unbound

Remembering the Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (August 4, 1792 – July 8, 1822).

04. 08. 2016


DADA Journal Online

Download the DADA Journal and celebrate the centenary of Dadaism :)

31. 07. 2016


Sappho on the Radio Devin ...

Listen to the broadcast Author for Today dedicated to Sappho.

The programme was prepared by Táňa Kusá in cooperation with professor Daniel Škoviera.

31. 07. 2016


Double Page Dedicated to Ivan Štrpka

In freshly published issue of book review magazine Knižná revue you will also find two pages dedicated to the Slovak poet Ivan Štrpka along with an interpretation by the literary theoretician Zoltán Redey of the poem V chladnom dni s dlhou kopijou (At a Cold Day With a long Spear).

30. 07. 2016

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