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of Ocher Shades...

100 rokov DADA alebo ako vytvoriť originálnu dadaistickú báseň

24. 07. 2016

100 rokov DADA alebo ako vytvoriť originálnu dadaistickú báseň

Bolo to v kostýme, ktorý akoby až kozmonauticky stelesňoval techniku strihu a bolo to v júli 1916, keď v Kabarete Voltaire v Zurichu vystúpil so svojim manifestom nemecký básnik Hugo Ball a vyslovil "DADA". Ono bolo tým magickým slovom, ktoré sa malo stať zaklínadlom proti všetkým hrôzam vojny, proti nezmyselným konfliktom...


Poetry of Miniature as Street Art

14. 07. 2016

Poetry of Miniature as Street Art

Slinkachu is a British street artist, photographer and a visual “poet” of people miniatures and of the most trivial and overlooked corners of our everyday lives. His project Little People in the City is a celebration of a detail in various senses, where all the seemingly overlooked everyday places acquire new dimensions and move us to think about our lives. more


13. 07. 2016


No. more

Today We Commemorate the 140th Anniversary Since the Birth of Ivan Krasko

12. 07. 2016

Today We Commemorate the 140th Anniversary Since the Birth of Ivan Krasko

During these days, we commemorate the 140th birth anniversary of a pioneer in modern Slovak poetry, Ivan Krasko. It is a pleasant surprise that this year’s celebrations will be enriched by an important work... more

Can you guess who is in the picture?

11. 07. 2016

Can you guess who is in the picture?

These days we commemorate the 140th anniversary since the birth of a prominent Slovak poet. more

How About Delving Into

10. 07. 2016

How About Delving Into

Multimirrorings? more

The Anthology of Butterflies Was Published

04. 07. 2016

The Anthology of Butterflies Was Published

27th June 2016, Bogota, Columbia
An official presentation of the anthology of the poetry of Latin American and Slavic writers – Anthology of Butterflies (Antología para la mariposa) was held at the International poetry festival in Bogota, Columbia. The editors of the international project are the Slovak-Bulgarian poetess Dimana Ivanová and the Columbian poet Robert Max Steenkist. The anthology is trilingual –besides the original languages, the poems are also published in English and Spanish. more

Nigeria: In the Heart of Earth

14. 06. 2016

Nigeria: In the Heart of Earth

17. ročník Medzinárodného festivalu poézie v Berlíne (3.-9. jún 2016) predstavil návštevníkom aj niekoľko významných poetiek a básnikov z Nigérie. (This article is available in Slovak only. For more information in English click


William Butler Yeats (1865 – 1939)

13. 06. 2016

William Butler Yeats (1865 – 1939)

read by Colin Farrell more

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Veronika Rácová: On the Brink of a Shell. Book Presentation.

You are our book that has already more than a thousand pages ... THANK YOU!
You are our book that has
more than a thousand pages ... THANK YOU!



Remembering Anton Popovič

Today we commemorate the 83rd anniversary of the birth of a significant internationally acknowledged Slovak literary historian and theoretician – Anton Popovič

(July 27, 1933 – June 24, 1984), who founded the so-called Translatological School of Nitra and defended the social function of translation as one of the principal means of intercultural communication.

27. 07. 2016


Writing Poetry Helps...

Find out how can writing poetry help people suffering from depressions to find emotional release.

25. 07. 2016


Quiz for the Weekend

What do you know about Charlotte Brontë? Take s short quiz :)

22. 07. 2016


Did You Already Read Your Favorite Poem?

And did you know reading poetry helps analysing our own feelings and developing empathy? In can also arise strong emotions, which are good for creative writing :) :) :) Find our more in the article by Susan Reynolds at:
19. 07. 2016


Claudio Pozzani Awarded a Prestigious Prize for Poetry

July 14, 2016, La Spezia.

The Italian poet Claudio Pozzani was awarded the XX Premio Montale, Special Prize for poetry. It is an honour for us this prominent poet was several times a guests-poet also at the Ars Poetica International Poetry Festival.

15. 07. 2016


Pablo Neruda

This week we commemorate the birth of a significant Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner – Pablo Neruda (July 12, 1094 – September 23, 1973). Listen to his poem at

14. 07. 2016


25 Years of the Modrý Peter Publishing House (1991-2016)

If you might be in the area of Levoča on the 13th July 2016, do not miss the 25th anniversary celebration of the Modrý Peter ("Blue Peter") Publishing House. The event starts from 18.00 pm in the Gallery of Levoča.

13. 07. 2016


Ivan Krasko on the Radio Devin

Listen to the broadcast Author for Today dedicated to the Slovak poet Ivan Krasko (July 12, 1876 – March 3, 1958). The prorgramme was prepared by Mirjana Šišoláková in cooperation with professor Ján Zambor.

12. 07. 2016


17th Central-European Literary Festival "Month of Author Reading" Is starting In Kosice

Today (July 4, 2016) the audience will get the opportunity to meet 62 contemporary authors from Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and the host country – the Kingdom of Spain. The author readings will be held in the Library for Youth of the Kosice city in Slovakia. For more information visit

04. 07. 2016

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