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Mária Ferenčuhová o účasti na medzinárodnom festivale poézie Struga Poetry Evenings

16. 09. 2016

Mária Ferenčuhová o účasti na medzinárodnom festivale poézie Struga Poetry Evenings

Je pre nás veľkým potešením, že vďaka nominácii Ars Poetica pre projekt Versopolis, malo aj Slovensko svoje zastúpenie na významnom medzinárodnom festivale poézie v Macedónsku – Struga Poetry Evenings 2016. Poetka Mária Ferenčuhová si takto pripomína svoju účasť na najstaršom festivale poézie... more

Čo je to poetoterapia?

05. 09. 2016

Čo je to poetoterapia?

Writing is the ultimate psychiatrist.“ (CH. Bukowski)

Poézia je dôležitým sprievodcom ľudstva už od dávnych čias, ide o jednu z najstarších foriem literatúry. Podobne ako iné druhy umenia i poézia preukazuje mocný citový vplyv na človeka, pôsobí náladotvorne, umožňuje abstrahovať a transformovať emóciu do slov, čím zhmotňuje žitú skúsenosť. Ľudia z nej čerpali a čerpajú v časoch radosti i v časoch nešťastia, nachádzajú súznenie so svojim vlastným prežívaním, potešenie, či útechu. more

To Find Oneself in Vincent van Gogh's Room

05. 09. 2016

To Find Oneself in Vincent van Gogh's Room

Každý z nás po nej túži. Po vlastnej izbe, do ktorej prichádza magická inšpirácia. O potrebe mať takúto vlastnú izbu (A Room of One's Own) písala už Virginia Woolfová. more

The Poetess Maša Haľamová

28. 08. 2016

The Poetess Maša Haľamová

These days we are commemorating the 108th birthday anniversary of one of the most famous personalities in Slovak poetry of the 20th century – the poetess Maša Haľamová (1908 –1995)... more

Poetry beams...

15. 08. 2016

Poetry beams...

... from the memory of engulfed objects... more

Planet HD 131399A or a hands-on DADA according to Tristan Tzara’s Manual

09. 08. 2016

Planet HD 131399A or a hands-on DADA according to Tristan Tzara’s Manual

How much can one mine from a single newspaper cut-out by the magical approach of the DADA manifesto? We wanted to have a tangible, hands-on result. That is exactly why we have participated (with you) in the “DADA-action” and took action. Or the words, to be more exact. more

100 Years of Dada or How to Create a Dadaist Poem

24. 07. 2016

100 Years of Dada or How to Create a Dadaist Poem

It was in a cosmonaut-like costume and it was in July 1916 in the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich when the German poet Hugo Ball introduced his manifesto and spoke out "DADA". This was the magical word, the magic formula against all horrors of the war, against all absurd conflicts ... more

Poetry of Miniature as Street Art

14. 07. 2016

Poetry of Miniature as Street Art

Slinkachu is a British street artist, photographer and a visual “poet” of people miniatures and of the most trivial and overlooked corners of our everyday lives. His project Little People in the City is a celebration of a detail in various senses, where all the seemingly overlooked everyday places acquire new dimensions and move us to think about our lives. more

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You are our book that has already more than a thousand pages ... THANK YOU!
You are our book that has
more than a thousand pages ... THANK YOU!



Thomas Stearns Eliot

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
Remembering T. S. Eliot

(September 26, 1888 –

January 4, 1965).

26. 09. 2016


Dannie Abse

"I hope to go into a poem sober and come out a little drunk. And if I do that

that’s a real poem."

Dannie Abse (1923 – 2014)

22. 09. 2016


Peter Macsovszky – Anasoft Litera 2016 Winner!

We are very happy to announce Peter Macsovszky (Ars Poetica nominee for the Versopolis project) has become the winner of the literary competition Anasoft Litera 2016. Congratulations to the author!

20. 09. 2016


Martin Solotruk Invited To Become a Member of the Panel of Experts at Port 21

The International Festival Port 21 in Poland (September 16.-18., 2016) organised by the most prominent publishing house of contemporary Polish poetry Biuro Literackie is this year held as an event of a Platform Literary Europe Live supported by the European Comission.

15. 09. 2016



Remembering the poetess Hilda Doolittle (10. September 1886 – 27. September 1961).

10. 09. 2016


Sonia Sanchez

“The joy of poetry is that it will wait for you. Novels don't wait for you. Characters change. But poetry will wait. I think it's the greatest art.”

Sonia Sanchez

09. 09. 2016


Jozef Kot

Thanks to all translators who discover the beauty of world literature for us. The leading Slovak translator and writer Jozef Kot is one of them. His translations of Shakespeare's plays among many others, still fascinated with their subtlety.

01. 09. 2016


Mary Shelley

Did you know the famous author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, was also a major supporter of women's rights? Her name will remain connected with poetry as well, as she as an editor contributed to the publishing of the poetry books of her liberal-minded husband Percy Byshe Shelley :)

30. 08. 2016


Remembering the Slovak poetess Maša Haľamová

Maša Haľamová

(August 28, 1908 – July 17, 1995).

28. 08. 2016

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