Ars Poetica 2007

jozef-acs.jpgJózsef Ács (H) was born in Budapest. He graduated as a physicist in 1990. He was one of the editors of Vadamosi Füzetek (Vadamos Booklets, a series of literary publications named after a small village in Western Hungary, a meeting place of poets, writers, translators) between 1995 and 2000. He has been a regular contributor of the literary-ecological periodical Liget since 2003. In 2005 he received Nizzai Kavics-dij (Nizza Pebble Award) a private literary award from Janos Lackfi. His publications include Helyben vagyunk (On the Spot, poems and photographs, 1993), Világítóudvar (Air Well, poems and photographs, 2001), Orfeum az alvilagban (Orpheum in the Underworld, poems, essays, two one-act plays and photographs, 2005).
primoz-cucnik.jpgPrimož Čučnik (SLO) was born in Ljubljana. He studied philosophy and cultural sociology at The Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. His first collection of poetry, Dve Zimi (Two Winters, 1999), received Best First Collection Award. His latest books are Ritem v rykah (Rhythm in hands, 2002), Akordi (Chords, 2004), collaboration book Ode on Manhattan avenue (2003), Nova okna (New windows, 2005), Sekira v medu (Selected poems. 2006) and Delo in dom (Work and home, 2007). Selection of his poems Zapach herbaty (2002) was published by Studium, Krakow. His poems were published in the Fine-line Anthology. He translates mostly from contemporary Polish and American poetry. He also writes literary criticism, book reviews, works as an editor for the magazine Literatura and runs a small press Sherpa. Lives in Ljubljana.
marco-fazzini.jpgMarco Fazzini (I) is a poet, translator and academic. He has published poetry for various literary journals and art publishing houses. His poetry books include: Nel vortice (1999) and XX poesie (2007). He has worked as a translator at the universities of St Andrews, Columbia (South Carolina) and London. He has translated many selections from the poetry of famous poets and is co-editor and translator of Scottish and South African poetry. His most recent publications include a book on the theory and practice of translation, Tradurre, paradiso dei poeti (2005), and Alba Literaria: A History of Scottish Literature (2005). He teaches English and Post-colonial Literatures at the University of Ca' Foscari and edits a poetry series for Edizioni del Bradipo.
branislav-hochel.jpgBraňo Hochel (SK) since 1975 he has worked at the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University, Bratislava, with breaks (Moscow State University, 1986, University of Pittsburgh, 1994-95). In 2002 - 2006 he was Vice-Mayor of Bratislava. He worked as editor in Proti prúdu, Revue svetovej literatúry, Kultúrny život, SME Plus, since 2001 he has been editor-in-chief of the Revue aktuálnej kultúry RAK. He is the author of the following books of poetry: Úryvky z kríža (Excerpts from the Cross), 1970; Predvčerom sme sa krásne milovali (Love-making the Other Day was Beautiful), 1987; Vo štvrtok a iné predbežne (On Thursday and Others Preliminarily), 1992; and Poems - Gedichte - Poesie - Wiersze - Versek (1994), short stories Gombíky (The Buttons), 1997; drama, radio play and TV screen plays for children. He has also published professional publications: Preklad ako komunikácia, 1990 (Translation as Communication) and Slovník slovenského slangu (Dictionary of Slovak Slang), 1993. He translates from English.
andre-chenet.jpgAndré Chenet (F) was born near Paris. He lives and works in Antibes as a Landscape Architect and Gardener. Since 2003 he is organizing poetical meetings in South of France (Nice, Menton, Antibes). Between 2003 and 2005 he published La Voix des Autres, art and poetry magazine, presenting hundreds of French authors. In 2006 he launched Danger Poésie, "un lieu de poésie gratuite dans un monde o tout est a vendre", a web published magazine and small editing company publishing a yearly printed issue. His work was published in various magazines. Dans le corps du poéme is a poetic "no-show" one man show interpreted by himself in theatres, schools and festivals. His most recent book is Dans le corps du poéme (2007) and the book to come Les replis de l'écrit and Zen and Haiku.
jauni-inkala.jpgJouni Inkala (FIN) lives in Helsinki. He has published seven poetry-collections and written also essays and columns in different forums. In spring 2007 came out his Selected poems 1992-2007. His poetry has been translated into several languages. In 1992 he got the J.H. Erkko-prize of the best literary-debut of the year. In 2005 he had the honour to receive Einari Vuorela-poetry prize.
margret-kreidl.jpgMargret Kreidl (A) was born in Salzburg. From 1989 she has been a free-lance. She writes drama, poems and fiction. She won a lot of scholarships and prizes (Literarisches Colloquium, Berlin 1991; Akademie Schloß Solitude, Stuttgart 1994; Reinhard Priessnitz Prize, Vienna 1994; Literature Prize of the City Graz 1996; Forderungspreis der Stadt Wien 2000; Siemens Prize Vienna 2001). In 2003 she was writer in residence at the Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania. She published the books Ich bin eine Königin. Auftritte (1996); In allen Einzelheiten. Katalog (1998); Süße Büsche (1999); Laute Paare. Szenen Bilder Listen (2002); Mitten ins Herz (2005). A lot of her works were staged (in Berlin, Amsterdam, Graz, Wien, Linz) or translated into French, Slovenian etc. She lives in Vienna.
valerij-kupka.jpgValerij Kupka (SK) was born in Zeleny Haj, Ukraine. In 1978, his family moved to Slovakia. He graduated from the Faculty of Arts, University of P. J. Safarik, Presov. Currently, he is an Associate Professor at the Department of Russian Studies and Translatology at the Faculty of Arts, University of Presov, where he lectures in the history of Russian literature. He is the author of five books of poetry: Nestalost (Instability), 1994; Skomorosina (1996; in Russian), Mucha v uche (1997; in Russian), Liza tichsia ako klastor (Lisa Quieter than Cloister, 2000|) and Dom bez svitla (2004; in Ruthenian). He is a translator from Russian and Ukrainian. His translations, artistic, essayist and professional works are published in literary and cultural magazines, radio and TV. He sponsors various cultural events (literary salons, exhibitions).
tamasz-majeran.jpgTomasz Majeran (PL) is Polish poet. He was born in Wroclaw, Poland. He studied Polish philology at the University of Wroclaw Poland, philosophy at the University of Vienna, Austria. He works at the Polish Scientific Publishers PWN and writes book reviews for several Polish magazines and newspapers. He published poetry books: Elegia na dwa głosy (Elegy for Two Voices, 1994), Ruchome święta (Movable Feasts, 2001), Koty. Podręcznik użytkownika (Cats: A User's Guide, 2002). He works and lives in Wroclaw, Poland.
dante-marianacci.jpgDante Marianacci (I) was born in Ari in the region of Chieti in Abruzzo, Italy. He worked as a teacher and a journalist before entering the diplomatic service in the early seventies. His first collection of poems Like a Seagull was published in 1970, followed by The Voyage to Tiresias, 1975, Small Islands on Earth, 1977, Graffiti, 1980, Masks and Fortresses, 1985, Prague Reports, 1990 and The Returns of Odysseus, which received the Penne Prize in 1997. A collection of essays, Italian Culture on the Threshold of the 21st Century, appeared in 1995.
bohdana-matijas.jpgBohdana Matijaš (UA) is a poet, editor of Krytyka Publishers and Krytyka Journal, representative of Kyivan editorship of Ukrajinskyj Zhurnal journal (Prague). She writes book literary reviews. She is working on her PhD thesis on literary theory at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Her poetry book Nondeveloped photos won 2nd prize of Smoloskyp Publishers (2004). Her last published poetry book is Conversations with God (2007).
leo-mellor.jpgLeo Mellor (GB) is a Fellow at New Hall at the University of Cambridge, and a Newton Trust Lecturer. He was born in Brighton, UK, and educated at King's College, Cambridge. He subsequently worked and studied in Sapporo (northern Japan), Berlin and mid-Wales He now teaches and writes on contemporary poetry, Modernism and Second World War literature. His own poetry, together with that of Sophie Levy was collected as Marsh Fear / Fen Tiger (2002). His chapbooks include Things Settle, Ground Detail (with Alistair Noon) and maps to sound. In 2006 he was awarded the Harper-Wood prize for poetry and spent a month travelling among the Welsh speaking communities in Patagonia, South America.
jonathan-morley.jpgJonathan Morley (GB) is the Series Editor of Macmillan Caribbean Writers and is currently completing a PhD at the University of Warwick, investigating T. S. Eliot's influence on Caribbean literature. He contributed essays to the Oxford Companion to Black British History and his research into Warwickshire and the slave trade has been published by the BBC. He recently won an Eric Gregory Award for the best British poets under thirty, and his own poetry appears in The Allotment: new lyric poetry (2006) and in Heaventree New Poets. His most recent publication is Charrua and Beyond: poems from Mozambique / Para Além de Charrua: poemas de Mozambique, translated in collaboration with Portuguese scholars from the University of Birmingham
galina-nikolova.jpgGalina Nikolova (BG) was born in Tervel, Bulgaria. In 2001 she completed her degree as a Master of Cultural Studies. At the age of 15 she already published her first poems. Since then, her works have been printed frequently in Bulgarian literary magazines and anthologies. So far she has 2 poetry books published. The first one Passing away was published as a winner in a competition organized by the Free poets' society in 2000. This book won also the Audience Award at the XXVI National Conference of the Students-writers. Her second book is Alongside. Galina has awards from The Plovdiv Poetry Academy, The National Youth Poetry Competition "Veselin Hanchev" etc. Six years in a row her poems were published in the Bulgarien anthology Lyric Festival of Poetry. Her poems were included in the German catalog of the Bulgarian culture Donumenta 2005. Her works has been translated into Hungarian and German.
alexandra-petrova.jpgAlexandra Petrova (RUS) born in Leningrad, studied in Tartu, emigrated to Jerusalem, and since 1998 has lived in Rome. She was short-listed for the Andrei Belyi Prize in 1999. Her two volumes of Russian poetry are Liniia otryva (Point of Detachment, 1994) and Vid na zhitel'stvo (License to Live, 1999). A third collection is in press in Moscow. She has also published a "philosophical operetta" entitled Pastukha Dolli (The Shepherd of Dolly), a philosophical play in ten acts that recounts a tale of cloning in pastoral terms. Her works are published in the leading Russian magazines. Her poems have been translated into several languages, including Italian, Hebrew, and English. She has been published in many anthologies and took part in many international festivals of literature
robert-pinsky.jpgRobert Pinsky (USA) is an American poet, essayist, and translator who served an unprecedented three terms as Poet Laureate of the United States, from 1997 to 2000. Pinsky is the author of nineteen books, mostly collections of his own poetry, but including his acclaimed and best-selling translation The Inferno of Dante and three anthologies based on the Favorite Poem Project. His Tanner Lectures at Princeton University were published as Democracy, Culture and the Voice of Poetry. He has been a regular contributor to Public Television's NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, and he writes the "Poet's Choice" column for the Washington Post Book World. Winner of many awards and prizes, and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, Pinsky has also become a figure within popular culture through guest-starring appearances on the animated sitcom The Simpsons.
viera-prokesova.jpgViera Prokešová (SK) was born in Bratislava. She studied Slovak and Bulgarian languages and literature at Comenius University, Bratislava. Following a year as dramaturge lector at the Marionette Theatre in Nitra (1981 - 1982), she was an editor at the Slovenský spisovateľ publishing house in Bratislava. In addition to her editorial activities, she is a translator of poetry, and since 1996 she has been a member of the professional panel of jurors for the best short story of the year competition. Since 2000 she has worked at the Institute of World Literature, SAS. She lives in Bratislava. She has published the following books of poetry: Cudzia (The Stranger), 1984; Slnečnica (The Sunflower), 1988; Retiazka (The Necklace), 1992; Pleť (The Complexion), 1998; Ihla, (The Needle), 2005. She wrote the screenplay for the musical Mária Stuartová (Mary Stuart), 1995.
monika-rinck.jpgMonika Rinck (D) was born in Zweibrücken. She studied religious studies, history und comparative literature at Bochum, Berlin and Yale. She published books: Verzückte Distanzen (Enraptured Distances, 2004), Fumbling with Matches. Herumfingern an Gleichgesinnten (2005), Ah, das Love-Ding (eseje, 2006), Zum Fernbleiben der Umarmung (2007). She publishes in magazines, anthologies, and online journals. She is also co-writer for performances by Edit Kaldor and for the performance group My Socalled Team. She also wrote screenplay for the project Le PingPong d'Amour. She translates from English and Hungarian (with Orsolya Kalasz). She lives in Berlin.
marcin-sendecki.jpgMarcin Sendecki (PL) born in Gdańsk. He has published five books of poetry in Polish and two volumes of selected poems abroad (Germany, Portugal). His poems were also translated into several other languages (English, French, Czech, Danish, Swedish, Korean, Vietnamese, Bulgarian etc). He was guest of some internatonal poetry festivals and writers programmes including Festivals of Vilenica and Rotterdam and International Writing Programme at the University of Iowa and translation programme at Casa Mateus (Portugal). He lives in Warsaw and works as a culture desk editor with Przekrój, weekly magazine.
piotr-sommer.jpgPiotr Sommer (PL) was born in Walbrzych, Poland. MA in English (University of Warsaw), in 1973. Since 1976, Anglo-American poetry editor, at Literatura na Swiecie (Literature in the World), a monthly promoting foreign literatures in Polish translations (since 1993, editor in chief). He has taught mostly at American Universities, but also at the University of Warsaw , the University of Krakow, as well as at Arvon Foundation (England). He published eight books of poems in Polish as well as two books in translation — in English and in German; another one is to appear in Slovenia. Piotr Sommer has himself translated a number of contemporary American, English, Irish and Scottish poets into Polish. He has published eight collections of his own poems in Poland, as well as an anthology of contemporary British poetry, and a book of interviews with British and Irish poets. He also writes poetry for children.
bohdan-trojak.jpgBohdan Trojak (CZ) was born in Silesian Těšín. In the Beskydian village of Vendryni, where he has lived till the age of 18, he founded and managed for several years the poetry magazine Weles, which continues to be published up to the present. He writes poetry and fiction, as well as translates from Polish. In 1998 he won the Jiří Orten award and in 1999 he was editor-in-chief of the Neon magazine. In 2005 he was awarded the Magnesia Litera prize for the best book of poetry in the Czech Republic. He has published the following books of poetry: Kuním štetcem (With a Marten Brush, 1996); Pan Twardowski (Mr. Twardowski, 1998); Jezernice, 2001; Strýc Kalich se žení (Uncle Kalich's Wedding, 2004); collected poems Kumštkabinet (2005) and the fiction Brněnské metro (Brno Underground, 2007). Currently he devotes his time to wine and viticulture, living in Bořetice, South Moravia, with his wife and two children.
irina-veleva.jpgIrina Veleva (BG) was born in Berlin. She finished Secondary School of German in Sofia in 1991. Later she completed her higher education in German Studies at the Sofia University " St. Kliment Ohridski " in 1999. She started teaching German and at the same time she translated poetry and prose from and into German language. Irina Veleva is the author of three books of poetry: Apocalypse (1992), Auto-obituary (1997) and Meetings and partings (2004). They were all given a favourable press and were highly appreciated by the readers. Irina's poetic works has been published in many magazines and in the newspapers. Irina Veleva has a lot of publications of translated works from German language in literary periodicals.